Chef John is Taking a (Real) Spring Break!

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Chef John is Taking a (Real) Spring Break!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be leaving Monday for Arizona's Valley of the Sun, for a week of baseball, golf, and not working on a video recipe blog. I’ve done a ton of traveling since I started this blog, but never actually gone off-line during any of these “breaks.” 

No matter where I’ve gone, or what I was doing, I’d find a few hours late at night to jump on the laptop to catch up on emails, answer blog comments, and crush trolls on YouTube. However, this time I’m planning on going completely “unplugged.”

My friend Anna from will be moderating the blog, fielding your questions, and generally keeping an eye on you until I get back. I’m sure you’ll treat her with the same good cheer that you show me, and other than being much less of a smartass, you really shouldn’t notice much of a difference.

Despite my great escape to land of the well tanned, we’ll still be posting two brand new videos this week, including a recipe that’s been one of the most requested food wishes of all time. So, stay tuned for that, have fun while I’m gone, and as always, enjoy!

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