Beautiful words

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Beautiful words

Beautiful words
The answer to the above question is of course very easy, this time we will give an overview of a collection of beautiful words that will give you inspiration in life. Many may think that the beautiful words intended only to our spouse, but actually there are many wonderful words that can be addressed to anyone other than our spouse. Than many further ado, let's look better collection of beautiful inspiring words to live below.
Words collection of Beautiful Life Inspiration

"Life is not about who do good to you, but about who remain faithful behind you"

"Do not regret what you've gone, do not cry for what has gone. But stand up and rebuild what has gone and gone"

"The best way to punish someone who has done wrong to us is to do good to him"

"Fools never learn from kegagalanya, clever people learn from failure, the wise learn from the mistakes of others"

"Honesty is the soul jewelry brighter than diamonds"

"Learning without thinking is useless, but thought without learning is a dangerous thing"

"Do not expect others to respect you if you do not respect yourself"

"Do not change your life with other people's opinions, they will be happy but you will suffer"

"When you realize there is happiness within yourself, then you do not let your happiness be determined by someone else"

"Be careful choosing friends, sometimes your friends who you think your enemy is able to knock you over"

"If you can not be happy someone else, do not add to his grief"

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of a major effort to"

"Tears of a woman is a weapon that led to victory"

"Sometimes it is not bad memories that make us sad, but wonderful memories that will not happen again"

"Avoiding problems you have to face is the same as that must be followed to avoid kehiduipan"

"Sometimes you have to be quiet when you've made a mistake accept, you are not a sign of surrender but show that you're grown"

"That success must be a struggle, not only to dream"

"Always do yourself a favor in the best way, because it will make peace created"

"What is beautiful is not always good, but good is always beautiful"

"If need be losers complain less respectable than before to fight"

"The more we waste time envying the talent or the success of others, then we are also more difficult to evolve"

"A friend will not stab you in the back, but a friend will slap you on the next time you make a mistake"

Beautiful words

That was a wonderful collection of words that inspire life. Beautiful word that we gave above, we summarized from various sources. Hopefully with the presence of the wonderful reviews about the collection will further inspire your life everything.

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