Funny Facebook Status Latest

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Funny Facebook Status Latest

Funny Facebook Status Latest

Funny facebook status can indeed get through various media such as fanspage facebook, friend status, group and or sites that provide funny facebook status like this widyaseo blog. Indeed, other than as a means of sharing the word - the word that entertaining, usually with hilarious status of this then we will see a lot of interaction in our facebook status. One is a comment, like and share status.

Fb status Laugh out loud

Given this proven reputation will increase in the eyes of all of us facebook account facebook friends so it allows for status - status we entered at the top veranda friends - our facebook friends. In addition, the status of rhythmic humor we also can make the atmosphere become fresher porch and no longer gloomy because status - status of the boring person. This is what will add value to us as an owner in the eyes of other people's facebook account that is useful as a facebook user.

Here are some collection of funny facebook status that you can read in full:

"The Importance of Smoke"

1. Program helps the government to reduce the population of Indonesia.
2. Play an active role within firemen busied
3. Helping successful family planning program, bsa krna mnyebabkan gnguan pregnancy and the fetus.
4. Smoke can repel mosquitoes as well as his wife, children & tman2.
5. Helps increase the production of cough medicine.
6. Enriching cigarette factory owner.
7. Establish friendship & brsahabat with heart specialists, paru2 & cancer.
8. Increase the income of the grave digger.

That singles do not ever feel ashamed ..
Marriage is not to not sell, but weve not anyone want.

People Dating: I love you beibh
People Courtship distance: I Miss you beibh
Singles: I Love Noodles Savoury
Hahahahahaaaaa ...

Oh my God .. Give me a fortune just for a bite of rice and bought the Blackberry, the rest for rent installment, clubbing, etc..

Got a girlfriend if engga may be arrogant, if his girlfriend apalgi same sex.

Not day not night, not hot showers important not happy.
I'll stay a cigarette although important results owe them joy.

"Tips For You In hanky-Chasing The Girls'

1. Slowly he dekatin ..
2. Face-to-face with a carefully ..
3. Give your sweet smile ..
4. Make him fall asleep ..
Then ...
5. Then slowly ..

Slowly ..
Slowly ..
Slowly ..

You nungging ..
Then kentutin him ..
Hahahahaaaa ..
Surely you pursued him relentlessly.

Hard-paced life of today ..
Miara "duck" ilang merely ..
Miara "cat" branak merely ..
Miara "cow" eating place ..
Miara "monkey" is read only ..
Heheheeheeeeee ...

Sale Money 50ribu .. Still new condition, not dirty especially Sobek.
Bank Indonesia original Exodus.
Price: 100ribu .. Negotiable! Are Interested Please coment.

Hmmm .. It's been pesbuk can not change the name again.
I meant to really be renamed "Bengellz YankcelaluCeriadanCayankdiaselalu"

Congratulations Comrades Night.
Countrymen Soil, Water Countrymen, and Countrymen Singles.
Uuups ...'s slip

3 The biggest problem in Jakarta:
1. Flooding
2. Jammed
3. Boyband

"Indonesian Language Vs Razor Investigation"
(In Style Speaks Peni Rose)

Indonesian: Cheating.
Language Razor: Shocks loyalty in love is now aground already.

Indonesian: Kangen.
Language Razor: Medium hit nan tempestuous longing that could not sleep all night.
Indonesian: Galau.
Language Razor: Lara infest smothering, really just a lover pelipurnya.
Indonesian: Married.
Language Razor: Groans lust at night serene soul breaker.

Indonesian: Beautiful.
Language Razor: Raga beautiful diamonds tub like queen Cleopatra.
Indonesian: former Kangen.
Language Razor: Be sad that crackled like dry river full of fish impede thirst.
Indonesian: Boker urgency.
Language Razor: Pressure menyemburatkan soul and conscience to be free but restrained hue helpless before the beloved.
Indonesian: Upil.
Razor Language: items dust in the cavity life.

Indonesian: The kiss.
Razor languages: 2 lip knit crochet berkatub mutual love seemed to not want freelance make tempestuous soul hopeful.
Indonesian: Smelly tramp.
Language Razor: a fragrant aroma soul piercing, unbearable insult thrilling tyranny.

Indonesian: Sleepy.
Language Razor: Two windows heart could not help feeling close the day.
Indonesian: Watch SM * SH.
Language Razor: Termenung moment permeates the men winsome striking make the eyes plugged.
Indonesian: Fans of Justin Bieber.
Language Razor: Virgin-labile virgin who menggelinjang in front of the stage.
Indonesian: Hungry.
Language Razor: Groans inner evil that raged in the cavity to scream, despair creeping emptiness.
Indonesian: Fart.
Language Razor: flash of nirvana that forced boundary norm.

Indonesian: Out Boker.
Language Razor: After unmoved by the desperate roar up drenched in sweat finally scratched a smile on the face.

The courtship: "I pick ya .." (Bebbz)
The LDR: "I used calling .." (Dear)
The Singles: "I samperin ya .." (Angel Azrael).

How big (.) (.) Guys. . . ?

Get a windfall .. 5 thousand.
For you-you are poor who are willing to treat tek .. Please contact me.

Sory not want arrogant.

This handsome indeed torture.

From now on i promise not going to choose - choose a girl again.
Anyway, pretty, sexy, plump .. Enough already.

That's some collection "Latest Funny Facebook Status" I can give to you, hopefully you can entertain all the visitors of this blog faithfully.

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