Most Amazing Funny Words

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Most Amazing Funny Words

Most Amazing Funny Words

Like the sage pearls of inspiration, sometimes we just need a little humor to lighten the load and our lives. Funny words is suitable for expressed on several occasions and is one sentence that is quite effective, especially when they make fun of and interfere with day-to-day.
    Marry a beautiful woman alive is not a guarantee of happiness. Even more ugly.

    Any heavy work, if it is not done then it will be lighter

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    One's success always begins with a dream. If it is so, let us sleep.

    If someone insults you, do not rush to deny their claims. Looks like they were right.

    Ivory elephant dies off, leaving the dead tiger stripes, man dies leaving debts

    Beauty is relative, but the absolute ugliness.

    Love a woman alone. Two women too much. But the three women are better than no

    Be who you are your own, if you are ugly you give thanks ugliness

    Cute-ugly dependent environment, for example, you are ugly but here in Africa could be the best-looking

    The most important thing when looking for a potential husband is finding people with personality. Private cars, private homes and private pool.

    Breakup is common, non languish Disconnect, Disconnect brake're dead

    Life would be more valuable if the problem solver, but life will be more exciting if the trouble makers.

    You can not lie to your own heart, but you can certainly lie to your girlfriend.

    Do not change just because someone wants to be loved, just wear the mask alone.

    Think of it as much as you want, but do not eat as much as you think.

    Bitterest reality is the fact that it's not as high expectations. So do not hang too high expectations.

    Greatest traitor is wishful thinking. Hence it is better to give false hope than false hope.

    Do not get used to depend on others, let alone rely dipohon while eating a banana.

    Do not judge a person from the past. Sometimes, those who had a bad past to create the future that even worse.

    Sometimes we need solitude to reflect on life, but beware of mad laughter himself later unexpected.

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