Said words of wisdom.

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Said words of wisdom.

Said words of wisdom.

1) Never underestimate a good deed we even just smile.

2) The world is like the ocean expanse. Who we are sailing ship in the ocean has many wrecks in it .. capacity if we are faith and piety mast, we would be safe from getting lost in the sea of ​​life.

3) Life is not always beautiful but it's a lovely stay alive in the memories.

4) Everything we do let's be honest because honesty is too important in a life. Without honesty life has always been a toy.

5) Knows who hurt like bent iron even harder hit back to its original shape.

6) In some humility in character. In the property there is a wealth of poverty of the soul. There is power in knowledge of hardship.

7) be sincere to yourself that life is full of tranquility and peace. Life without holding like soap bubbles. Any time it will burst.

8) Failure of glory better than success in disgrace. Give a little more sincere about giving with many noble but accompanied by a ripple.

9) There is no holy man with no past and no sinner man who does not have a future.

10) the soft words can soften hearts harder than batu.Tetapi harsh words can coarsen silky soft heart.

11) three-inch long tongue can kill a man six feet high.

12) Religious man never disappoints. But the man who is always disappointing religion.

13) Lust says she is beautiful on the basis of appearance. Common sense says the pretty girl on the basis of knowledge and intelligence. And proud to say she is beautiful on the basis of morals.

14) Sincerity is like a black ant on a black rock on a very dark night. They exist but are very difficult to see.

15) Life requires pengorbananan. Sacrifice requires struggle. The fight requires patience. Perseverance requires confidence. Confidence determines success. Success will determine happiness.

16) A wise words expressed often praised until it was empty talk

17) The property will be fully utilized without knowledge but rather knowledge will grow if it is used.

18) Wealth is not a sin, and beauty is not an offense. So if you have both you should not forget in the Almighty.

19) Friends do not honestly like the nearby kitchen. Even if you do not hit jelaganya will certainly hit the smoke.

20) Why men love trigger conflict when the man himself was born of a romance.

21) We are always young to sin but never old to repent.

22) Suspend semangatmu determination and stars in the sky-high and lower low heart pearl in the ocean.

23) Every closed eye means it has not been sleeping. Not mean that every open eye he saw.

24) Make yourself like a tree where people could take shelter. Do not like dried tree where the owl off homesickness and made eligible only firewood.

25) Write a ten-volume book on the philosopher's easier than performing a piece orders.

26) Do not Tread on small items such as small needles sometimes shed blood.

27) Happiness is like perfume spray, W hen we will be able to wear it all feel fragrance. Therefore give even a single bit of joy you have is your friend.

28) Tomorrow but tomorrow definitely have not been identified to us. Remember-remember to face that keep coming tomorrow.

29) Emotional reactions not observed, because the implications are not as diimaginasi.

30) Friends of the believer is like the sun that shines. Loyal companion scent fragrance range. Inspire dreams true friend. Hearted companions lead us to the path of Allah.

31) People who are happy will always make time to read for reading the source of wisdom provide time laugh because laughter is the music of the soul, providing time to think because thinking the trees progress, providing time to work because the base of the success of the work, providing time for bersenda because it will make young bersenda regularly and provide hours of worship because worship is the mother of all peace of mind.

32) Visually it as a poisonous dart demon, then who avoid for fear Me, and I will replace it with the perceived sweetness of faith in the hearts ...

33) "Women are beautiful without personal honor, like yangbersinar-shining eyes, but did not see anything"

34) "Disappointment taught us the meaning of life. Continue our struggle despite the obstacles to hurdle in life"

35) Mark Wise Is The Holy Intend His heart always; tongue Always Wet With Z─░KRULLAH; eyes Crying Because Regret (against sin); Patience On The Face And The Judgment Against World Centric.

36) If the crime in response evil, then it is revenge. If it's tit for tat is common. If good tat, it is wrong. But if evil tat, it is noble and admirable. "

37) "Life is like ice cream. Liquid Enjoy it before"

38) "The words that actually have no meaning for articulating feelings. Humans can form a thousand words, a thousand languages. But not a word of evidence primacy feeling"

39) "Life should not be guided by conscience who can sometimes destroy yourself. Should we think the main thing is to accept something or make something good accordance with the statement"

40) "Life is a combination of happiness and suffering. It is testing the soundness of one's faith. Unfortunately for those who only own heart not willing to accept suffering.

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