Word to the wise words

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Word to the wise words

Word to the wise words

Emotions will not lead you on a positive thought or action. so calm down.

Success means doing my best that we can with what we have. Not to want what others have.

You will not be able to get what you want if you're too busy complaining about what you have. Be thankful!

God glorifies those who are willing to work hard. And major capital for success is hard work, accompanied by prayer.

Do not complain about the problem, because God has a purpose tuk current struggles. Learn what the Lord wanted to teach.

Do not stop trying when unsuccessful. Because failure is God's way of teaching us about the meaning of sincerity.

For the owner of a white face, eye and lip makeup with a choice of colors shades a little light can make face less pale.

There's nothing wrong in showing you care about someone, which one is expecting him on doing the same thing.

Do not mind him who hates you, he is not a man who deserve your attention. That matters is that he is always there for you.

In life, people will not care how much do you know until they know how much you care about them.

You would not know sbrp ssorg sincere love until you see it sbrp sincere love within your worst condition

When you hate someone, you're making your life more complicated.

Never give up! If God has not answered your prayer, it is because God has a better plan tuk life.

Do not ask why someone hates you, before you ask yourself why you care about it.

Just because you have get love, does not mean you stop doing the things that you do when trying to get it.

Seorg real man can not fooled by his eyes. A real woman hiding behind ill appearance.

Happy are those who are proud to be owned by himself, without worrying about what other people think about it.

Do not think you can not live without him who left you. Believe, there's someone better out there waiting for you.

Promise will not mean anything if you can not keep them. Than promised, better show with real action.

Stop blaming the past, try tuk accept and understand that he has a personal jadikanmu more powerful.

Do not think too much about your past, now they are just memories. Face your future because that's where the dream.

Life is a choice. You who now is an option that you took in the past. Wise in choosing your next step.

No matter how bad any of your past, love yourself. Today you can start a new reply. Give my best tuk your future.

When trouble comes, finish quickly before it becomes LBH DNG bad or worries make it more complicated.

If you want someone to trust you, first thing you have to do is convince them that you trust them.

Listening to your favorite music will dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow.

Durian contains many amino acid tryptophan, which is useful to reduce the anxiety, depression and insomnia cure.

A friend is someone who pobud there beside you, who patiently listen to your hurt, and willing to accompany you through life.

Do not ever complain on the shortcomings, because it lacked the power to remind you to keep looking for that is within you.

Happy does not mean everything is perfect. Happy is when you decide tuk see everything perfectly.

Failure is God's way to teach you about never give up, patience, hard work and confidence.

Do not cry for error, but smile because every mistake that taught you better try again.

We've all wrong, but there is a big difference between one adult and one for you that which is done intentionally.

'll Love whatever you do today, because they have nothing interesting if you're not interested.

Do not be sad when doing wrong. Because many mistakes we learn, because we are being smart mistakes.

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