Words Beautiful Romantic Love

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Words Beautiful Romantic Love

Words Beautiful Romantic Love

I think doctors forbid you to drink sweet tea yah?
Kt because I've kmu sweet tuh know ...

I'm sure if you're the only part of my ribs that God created just for me. I love you dear ...

I know you love me when I see your eyes shining bright when looked at me, quiet and warm. I know you're where I lean back and take cover.

I hoped it was just a quiet night you.
All I wanted was just your peace.
This is all I want just bahagiamu seconds. Met sleep, dear ...

Giving someone all your love is no guarantee he will return your love!? Do not expect love in return, just wait for it to grow in his heart, but if not, be content it grew in yours.

In this world there are only 5 people I love, my mother, my father, my biological brother, my friends and the terakir is you. why did I put the order last? because I want you to be the last My love and no other love than the love of my last to you

You ... I miss you when I'm sad. I miss you when I'm alone. But I miss you most when I'm happy

when you cry. . My heart was grieved
when you're happy. . My heart was flowering
if you're nervous. . Was churned my heart
This is all because. . .
we accord. . .

If God still gave me the opportunity to live longer,
I just wanted to go through it with you dear ...

The day will come when you'll be mine
But I'll just wait till that time
If I have to wait forever, that's what I'll do
Cause I can not live my life without you

This Malem knapa tau ga ga star??
because the star moved all into your eyes ...

When God created woman from the rib one of the main men,
I'm sure you're the only one created just for me ...

Most Beautiful season is ....
When you greet the morning dengansenyummu
When you payungi lunch with sapamu
When you closed the night with a caress your affection
I love U

met you is destiny,
be your friend was my choice,
but fell in love with the outside
ability ..
The most simple is the word I
The most beautiful word is LOVE
And someone dear is YOU.
That's why I LOVE YOU

Although I learned memorizing PANCASILA of small sometimes I forget the order,
but i do not know why,
not the least I can eliminate shadows in my mind about you ...

BWT night, bintanglah of specials
BWT flowers, special kumbanglah
But! Bwt aq, cm yg plg ye specials

Aq write your name in the sky
tp remove cloud
aq write your name on the beach
waves tp remove
so aq wrote your name in my heart
let me not be there who can
remove it .....

I love you
Three words were spoken
Three seconds to indicate
Three minutes to explain
Three hours for the show
But to prove
I would give my life time

Love is beauty
Do not make me look at you always lose
Your love is my breath
With you I want to live a thousand years
Your love makes my life perfect

Sepi ..
I'm just friends deserted
Enjoy the wonderful bayangmu here
Itself ..
I caught one myself
Footsteps down
Missing ..
All of it gone and not coming back again

I do not know
Why more and more day I love you
I'm more afraid of losing you
I want to continue to be with you

I know, I'm not the best
I could not be like what you want
And maybe love is not perfect
I just wanted to be a part of your story row

I made you a second
Not that is not love
Me and him only temporary
You no longer need to question
my heart just for you
Give it time you make only one ..

Why do I love you
Love with you
Once I was away from you??

You come I cry
You come home I cry

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