Words of Love collection

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Words of Love collection

Words of Love collection

When love is no longer meaningful
I feel now is sorrow
abandoned past love

Love, I love you because when your side was missing my loneliness
Soft hand-held your hand, feel warm all over my soul
Sweet smile, your face is charming winsome soothing my soul
I promise you, not the day I let it go by without you beside me

Love like a rose.
more tightly held hands will feel increasingly ill, the hands holding longger increasingly felt he would fly in the wind

There are a thousand things that could make me think to leave you, but there is one word that kept me here. I Love You.

loss of love pierced my heart
I choose to love a mortal

If tomorrow morning before,
q would challenge Dr sun that woke sleeping lelapnya ..
Karna was the reply sinarku only later will be able to warm up his cold heart.

I've dropped a tear in the Sunda Strait. On the day I can find it again, it's time I stop loving you.

I call your name in every prayer
generate loyal memories about you
which I can only shadow

although today you carve d'wound my heart,
I will still love you like I loved you yesterday.

Sangsikan morning sun comes right replaces night
Sangsikan welcome the beautiful birds singing in the morning right
But do not sangsikan my love to you

If only a million roses to prove my love to you
I'll tell her to deliver marwan
But I never know what you want
why are you telling me to leave you

I'm looking for something only doll
because it realized there was something missing,
I tried to ask when love loses meaning
What a mercy it may still exist??

God ...
Jagain him that there
I hope he realizes the many mistakes
and do not make him regret
when he realized his mistake
I was not there for him anymore ..

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