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Dark skin and brown spots have always been a problem for many people .These spots are anesthetic and can really damage one's self esteem.Every one wants removed in an effective manner without damaging the layer of skin.There are many products in the market for lighten scars or while this may be true but these products are either too expensive or have some hidden side effects,which may damage the outer layer of the skin .The dark skin and brown spots of the skin could be due to many reason ,it can be caused due to genetic ,sun exposure ,stress ,hormones in balance ect .

Here are simple natural home remedies to treat dark and brown spots

(1) Dried sea weed ,which is rich in mineral salt and iodine.It has healing properties .Take half tsp kelp

(sea weed) samundari salt +one tsp curd .Mix both ingredients well and apply on spots for 15 minutes and then wash off with fresh water.

(2)Take one tsp radish juice +half tsp fuller's earth (mulltani mitti) .Mix both well and apply on face for 15 minutes.
(3)Mix tomato juice +lemon juice and apply on face with a cotton ball and leave it for 10 minutes.Do twice a week.These remedies will help to clear and rejuvenated the skin.

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