Chris Brown sued by manager for beating him up

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Chris Brown sued by manager for beating him up

Hard working Chris Brown manager sues him for assault

In 2012 singer Chris Brown needed an image boost after the bad publicity that came from physically assaulting then girlfriend Rihanna.

He decided to hire Mike G.

Mike G worked hard for the controversial singer and the results were clear.

Even though the public had not fully forgiven or even forgotten Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna, he was actually beginning to see a rise in his popularity again.

This was all thanks to his manager,  who claimed that not only was be hired to clean up Brown's image,  but also to help him get out of debt and clean up the young star's drug habit.

But recently the savior became a victim of the singers unpredictable rage.

Mike G claims that for no reason Brown took him to a room and attacked him with several punches to the head.

It is reported that the artiste did not show any remorse for his actions, but bragged about the beating on social media instead.
He even told other people that worked for him that if they went wrong, he would beat them like he did Mike G.

Brown claims he fired Mike because he stole money from him,  a claim his manager vehemently denies.

Obviously Mike's drug clean up didn't work.

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