Shallow Fried Bread Veg Rolls

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Shallow Fried Bread Veg Rolls

One of the great snacks loved by all. Mixed veggies sautéed with spices are stuffed in the bread and usually deep fried. It tastes equally good when shallow fried in a pan gently. The crispy rolls when dipped in tomato ketchups and relished give fantastic taste.....

Pre time: 30 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4

Ingredients for making Bread Veg rolls:

Sandwich Bread slices 10
Well boiled and mashed potatoes 3
Finely chopped onions 2
Grated carrots, cabbage 3 table spoon each
Coriander leaves
Turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder and salt as required per your taste
Oil 4 table spoons and 2 tea spoons

How to make Bread Veg rolls:

Heat  a pan with 2 tea spoons of oil.
Fry onions for few minutes and add grated veggies with all powders and salt.

Stir for a minute.
Add the mashed potatoes and mix everything well without any lumps.
Add chopped coriander leaves and switch off the stove.

Cut the corners of the bread slices.
Heat a broad and flat non stick pan with 4 table spoons of oil and keep the flame in low.
Mean while dip a bread slice in water and immediately take it out.
Squeeze the water out by keeping the bread slice in between your two palms by pressing it gently.

Place 2 table spoons of veggies in one corner and fold the bread.
Gently press the corners to seal it.

Place it in the pan with oil.
Let it get fried for two minutes.

Gently turn it around.
Once both the sides are cooked to golden brown serve hot with ketchup..

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