Muparuppu Vadai / Three Lentils fritters

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Muparuppu Vadai / Three Lentils fritters

An authentic Tamil Brahmin Recipe made during any pooja as Prasad with three lentils. It is made without onion and garlic.  A very mild variation from masal vadai and aamai vadai makes this to remain soft for a longer time.  This vada is very much suited for making Rasa Vadai too..


Pre time : 10 mins
Cooking time;20 mins
Yields: 20

Ingredients for making Muparuppu Vadai / Three Lentils fritters :

Chana dal / Kadalai paruppu or Pattani paruppu sold as vadai paruppu in stores 1 cup
Thur dal 1 cup
Urad dal 3/4 cup
Red chillies 3 and green Chilli 1
Ginger an inch piece
Chopped curry leaves
Asafoetida powder 1/4 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

In this Vada we add more Urad dal to get Soft vadas. If you add Vadai Paruppu instead of Chana dal, the vadas taste very delicious..

How to make Muparuppu Vadai / Three Lentils fritters?

Wash the dal and soak together with the chillies for two hours.

Drain the water.

Add the ginger piece, Asafoetida and salt.

Grind to coarse paste adding little water.

Let the Vada batter be looser and fine than the Masal vadai batter.

Add chopped curry leaves generously.

Heat oil in a pan.

Take small lemon size balls from the batter and slighly flatten them with the palm and drop in to the oil.

Fry till they become dark red.

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