Maravalli Kizhangu / Tapioca Adai

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Maravalli Kizhangu / Tapioca Adai

When you make this adai, I bet nobody could find out that its made of Maravalli Kizhangu. This adai comes out very perfect with right proportion of crispiness and softness. Maravalli Kizhangu / Tapioca adai tastes extraordinarily delicious to have with coconut chutney...

Pre time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4

Ingredients for making Maravalli Kizhangu / Tapioca Adai:

Parboiled rice / Puzhungal arisi / Idli rice 2 cups 
Maravalli kizhangu / Tapioca 500 gms
Red chillies 6
Urad dal 2 table spoons
Asafoetida / Hing powder 1/2 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Curry leaves
Oil for making Adai

How to make Maravalli Kizhangu / Tapioca Adai?

Wash the rice and dal well and add the red chillies to them.
Soak in water for 3 hours.
Remove the skin of the Tapioca and cut them to small pieces and put them in water.

Drain the water from the soaked items.
Add the soaked rice, dal, red chillies, salt and the tapioca in a blender jar and grind to thick batter slightly coarser than regular dosa batter.

This batter gets fermented very fastly.
So just two hours of resting time is enough.
Add hing powder and loads of curry leaves.
Add some water to bring into pouring consistency.

Heat a dosa tawa and grease it with oil.
Pour a ladle of batter and make dosas.
Sprinkle some oil on and around the adai.
Cook on both sides and serve hot with coconut chutney.


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