Top 10 most beautiful African women in the world

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Top 10 most beautiful African women in the world

Black they say is beautiful. Some say it's exotic and even mysterious. However, when it comes to beautiful black women, then black becomes hot! 

Africa produces a curious and exciting mix of gorgeous women who carry themselves with that unique grace that speaks of their heritage. 

Who are the most beautiful African women in the world today? 

Some of the most uniquely hot women are from the Continent of Africa. Untainted glamour, raw beauty, raw talent and exceptional poise  make some of the women on this list stand out. Their accomplishments in their individual fields also add to their aura of girl power, with a distracting dash of beauty you can hardly take your eyes away from. 

The following are 10 women with remarkable looks and outstanding achievement. Beauty and brains in every sense of the words. 

Meet the 10 most beautiful women in Africa. Ebony or light skinned—they are all really hot!

10. Laila Lopes

Most beautiful women in Africa Laila lopes
Model, Actress
Country —Angola

9. Nadia Buhari
Nadia Buhari most beautiful African women

8. Lorraine Van Wyk
Lorraine Van Wyo most beautiful black women
Model and Social media personality.
Country—South Africa.

7. Azie Tesfai
Place of birth—Los Angeles California.

6. Lupita N'yongo 
Lupita N'yongo beautiful black women
Actress, Model,Movie director
Place of birth—Mexico.

5. Michelle Van der Water
Michelle Van der Water beautiful African women
Country—South Africa.

4.  Genevieve Nnaji
Beautiful African women Genevieve Nnaji

Actress, Singer, Model

3. Omotola Jalade
Beautiful black women Omotola Jalade
Country —Nigeria.

2. Freema Agyeman 
Hot Ghanian Actress Freema Agyeman
Model, Singer, Actress
Country—Ghana. Place of birth— London England.

1. Fatima Siad
Somalian model Fatima Siad
County —Somalia

Do you Feel refreshed or out of breath after checking out these beautiful African women? Don't worry you're not alone —it happens to the lot of us.

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