6 reasons why Conor Mcgregor will beat Floyd Mayweather

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6 reasons why Conor Mcgregor will beat Floyd Mayweather

It's no secret that Former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is going to be in his own territory come the August 26 super fight with the with UFC star Conor McGregor. At first everybody wrote the super fight off as a money hunting circus—bit to be taken seriously at all. With most people concluding that the Former five-weight champion will knockout the UFC star without difficulty.
Conor Mcgregor will beat Floyd Mayweather in mega fight
Several notable boxers active and retired have also said the tough talking Irishman stands no chance in the fight against one of the greatest ring tacticians of this generation.

But let me shock you a bit, there are 6 reasons why Conor Mcgregor will beat Floyd Mayweather

As the hotly anticipated fight date nears, many are beginning to change their opinion about the former champ being the Favourite—including 'Money' himself. Even though he is widely seen as the top dog to win their boxing rules contest.

Yes! you read right. Now unless he is just playing mind games with his dangerous opponent, Mayweather feels differently about the fight now. Here are 6 unavoidable reasons the Irishman may just defeat the American legend:

1) He is younger—29 years old while his opponent is 40.

2) He is taller-1.75m to the American's 1.73m.

3) He has a greater reach, 74 to his opponents 72.
4)He is still an active fighter, fit and ready, while Floyd has been retired for two years and we currently have no idea what kind of shape he's in.

 5) Mcgregor is a heavy hitter with one of the deadliest right hands in fight sports while his opponent hasn't scored a knockout since beating Ricky Hatton in 2007. Many called his 2011 knockout of Victor Ortiz a cheap shot.
6) Floyd claims he hasn't formulated a game-plan to beat the UFC champion.

Nevertheless 'Money' is the bookmakers favourite 10/1 when the two fighters meet at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

But pro boxer or not,  here is McGregor's recent chilling warning for him "I'm going to kill this man on August 26'

Now if that doesn't scare his opponent, then I guess he really is playing mind games with the younger, bigger fighter.

Photo:Steve Marcus/AP

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