Words of Wisdom set

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Words of Wisdom set

Honesty is the soul of jewelry that is more luminous than the diamond

Learning without thinking is useless , while thinking without learning is dangerous .

Love to God is the height of love . The valley of love is love of neighbor .

Nobility of character will appear in speech and action .
Words of Wisdom set
Words of Wisdom set

People with big hearts steadfast stance , but not stubborn .

Give me your love for your Lord and your Lord pull me your love , you certainly will not be disappointed .

Love beautiful like two hands clapping , no would be wonderful if just next to it.

We would love to talk instinct that we adore , but do not always love what we worship .

Sight up to akhiratmu affairs and sight down to business then your world will live in safety.

Someone who oprimis will see an opportunity in every calamity , while the pessimist sees calamity in every opportunity .

Remember , the man may love something that would harm himself or hate something useful for him . Ask for His guidance .

A true friend is a person who can say the truth to you , not someone who just justify your words .

Working at the instigation of love will feel happy not bored and tired .

Great people on the path towards the destination through great obstacles and hardships .

Do good to others as doing good to yourself .

People whose brains were not the perfect , but those who take the best of imperfect brain .

Fixing yourself is a powerful tool to repair others .

If someone you do not love him you hate , because it will probably grow a seed of love again .

Love will crush anyone who follows the motion , but without grinding love , no life was beautiful .

Not your intelligence , but rather the attitude that you are going to lift you in life .

Struggle means that if a person would much from yourself.

If unrequited love , then be thankful because God has given valuable life with His love mercy .

In a word , why do not you humble yourself , but in your ability to show activity .

Decisive vary much violently . Firmly established in wisdom while it was hard cruel arbitrariness .

If the love was unrequited then bersukurlah , because you will be chosen God better .

Character is not necessarily hard to be assertive , but gentle can often decisive .

The nature of people is degrading day high berlilmu to humans and God fearing .

A good example is the best advice ( Fuller )

If we serve , it will be more meaningful life ( John Gardne )

If someone is still inside there is a sense of shame and fear to do something good , then that person is a guarantee for a meeting he will not progress a single step . - Bung Karno

We all live in suspense , from time to time , as well as from day to day ; in other words , we are the hero of our own story . - Mary Mccarthy

Three human nature is destructive , files are to be followed , passions that followed , as well as the nature of excessive self-esteem . - Prophet Muhammad

What appears to be a charity, often in fact no other than the disguised ambition , which ignores the interests of small to pursue the interests of the larger . - La Roucefoucauld

All that began with anger , embarrassment will end up with . - Benjamin Franklin

Heart full of gratitude , not only is the greatest virtue , but is also the parent of all other virtues . - Cicero

People who managed to take advantage of the mistakes that he did , and will try to get back to perform in a different way . - Dale Carnegie

The term no time , rarely a reason to be honest , because basically we all have the same 24 hours each day . Needs to be improved is to divide time more carefully . - George Downing

The real threat is not actually on start to think like a human , but when people begin to think like computers . - Sydney Harris

Heroes are not people who dare to hack his sword into the opponent 's shoulder , but the real hero is the person who can control themselves when his he was angry . - Prophet Muhammad

How to be ahead is to start now . If you start now , next year you will know many things that are unknown , and you will not know the future if you are waiting for . - William Feather

In a matter of conscience , mind pertamalah best . In a matter of discretion , the latter best thought . - Robert Hall

Learn from the mistakes of others . You can not live long enough to do all the error itself . - Martin Vanbee

Great people in any field is not new work because they are inspired , but they became inspired because they prefer to work . They did not waste time waiting for inspiration . - Ernest Newman

Successful people have learned to make themselves do things to be done when it had to be done , whether they like it or not . - Aldus Huxley

Most of us do not appreciate what we already have , but we always regret what we have not achieved . - Schopenhauer

The most dangerous enemy in this world is timid and indecisive . The most loyal friends , only the courage and strong faith . - Andrew Jackson

Something that has not been done , often seem impossible ; we just believe that we have managed to do well . - Evelyn Underhill

Wrongdoings are common to humans , but the actions that are actually pretending that lead to hostility and betrayal . - Johan Wolfgang Goethe

If people hold the belief , then there goes skepticism . However , if people have already started to hold on to skepticism , then there goes the belief . - Sir Francis Bacon

Because man will love her , for her tersembunyilah disgrace himself ; does not seem real to him though . The outlook despite how small the amount . - Jalinus At Thabib

Be steadfast as a rock that was not dashed his hit waves . He not only stood firm , even appease the anger he waves and waves it . - Marcus Aurelius

We see it like a rainbow happiness , never be above our own heads , but always be on top of other people's heads . - Thomas Hardy

Glass , china and reputation , is something that is easily broken , and will not be glued back without leaving visible scars . - Benjamin Franklin

Hospitality in words creates confidence , thinking hospitality in creating peace , hospitality in giving creates love . - Lao Tse

Live like a lush fruit trees ; living on the edge of the road and pelted with stones , but rewarded with fruit . - Abu Bakr Sibli

Grace often comes to us in the form of pain , loss and disappointment ; but if we are patient , we will soon see its original form . - Joseph Addison

The best part of one's life is the good deeds and love that no one else knows . - William Wordsworth

We pray that the distress and in need of something , we should also pray in time of great excitement and abundant sustenance . - Kahlil Gibran

Everyone does not need to be ashamed of never making mistakes , as long as he became wiser than before . - Alexander Pope

A true friend is one who grabbed your hand and touches your heart . - Heather Pryor

Many failures in life because people do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up . - Thomas Alva Edison

The absence keyakinanlah that makes people afraid to face the challenges ; and I believe in myself . - Muhammad Ali

Our greatest pride is not never failing , but rising every time we fall back . - Confucius

Live like a lush fruit trees ; living on the edge of the road and pelted with stones , but rewarded with fruit . - Abu Bakr Sibli

Be ye man at birth everyone laughing happily , but only you yourself are crying ; and the death of all the sad cry , but only you yourself smiling . - Mahatma Gandhi

As God is my soul in His hand , one is not a believer until he loves for his brother as he loves himself . ~ Prophet Muhammad

Stay away from envy , because envy takes good deeds as fire devours firewood . ~ Prophet Muhammad

The best among you are those who most noble morals . ~ Prophet Muhammad

God does not look in such form and your possessions , but He looks at the heart and your deeds . ~ Prophet Muhammad

God 's love surrounds the heart , the love of the heart and even penetrated guide to all things . ~ Imam Al Ghazali

Reach for science , and science to learn to achieve calm and patient . ~ Caliph ' Umar

Every person in this world is a guest , and the money was a loan . The guest must go , sooner or later , and the loan must be refunded . ~ Ibn Mas'ud

Know that impatient , if someone is seen in problems like the head of a body . If the head is lost then the whole body will rot . Similarly , if patience is lost , then all the problems will be broken . ~ Caliph ' Ali

Patient has two sides , one side is the patient , the other side is thankful to God . ~ Ibn Mas'ud

Fear ye will sin when alone , at this time that your witness is also your judges . ~ Caliph ' Ali

The best person I like is he who shows fault . ~ Caliph ' Umar

Intention is to assess the true size of an act , therefore , when the intention is correct, then the act is true , and if the intention is bad, then it's bad deeds . ~ Imam An Nawawi

I watched all friends , and did not find a better friend than keeping the tongue . I think about all the clothes , but did not find a better outfit than piety . I'm contemplating about any kind of good deed , but does not get better than giving good advice . I'm looking for any form of sustenance , but did not find a better sustenance than patience . ~ Caliph ' Umar

He who created the mosquito eye is the One who created the sun . ~ Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Suffering souls directs ugliness . Despair is the source of heresy ; and the heart of darkness , the base of the suffering souls . ~ Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Togetherness in a society produces calmness in all activities of the society , while the hostile stagnates causing the entire activity . ~ Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Revive the religion means to turn a nation . His life is the life of religion means light . ~ Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Someone who sees the good in things means having good thoughts . And gar that have a good mind to get pleasure from life . ~ Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Knowledge is not enough ; we have to practice it . Intention is not enough ; we must do . ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Prevention is better than cure . ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wisdom is found only in truth . ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Science without religion is lame . ~ Einstein

Peace can not be kept by force . It can only be achieved by understanding . ~ Einstein

True religion is real living ; living with all one's soul , with all one's goodness and virtue . ~ Einstein

Two things that arouse my astonishment - sky studded with stars above and the universe is full of wisdom in it . ~ Einstein

What I see in Nature is a grand structure that we can not understand with very thorough , and it is already supposed to be someone who always thinks enclosed feeling of humility . ~ Einstein

It's a bit of those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts . ~ Einstein

Try not to become a man of success but try to be a useful man . ~ Einstein

Not everything that can be counted to calculate , and not everything that can be counted to calculate . ~ Einstein

Not everything that can be counted to calculate , and not everything that can be counted to calculate . ~ Einstein

True , you are a king ruling the world . Everyone showed his loyalty to you ! Then what? Tomorrow you will be laid in the tomb as a house . And from all directions , the people will throw dust cover you ketubuhmu .

Although you made ​​king ruler of the world , you will not run away from death , and leave the world to this day even though the enemy face to smile , tomorrow it will surely make you sad .

I saw a man come into the world and then go away , World and treasure always moving , with the same wings to fly .

The world does not remain with a man who lives anywhere, also no one who lives forever enjoy its pleasures , death and misery like two horses that ran quickly toward the man , to trample them and devour them .

Hey stupid , which deceived by the appeal of the world ! Think about it and take something ( goodness ) of this world for , to help you in the afterlife .

I got lost in negligence , the death is being moved towards me , more and more closer . If I do not let this day , I would die tomorrow .

I treat my body with fine clothes and fancy , little thinking that it would rot and disintegrate in the grave .

I imagine my body crumbled to dust in the grave , Beneath the mound . The beauty of my body will gradually disappear , gradually reduced to abide framework , without skin and meat .

I see the moments of life slip away , but my wishes are still not being met . A long journey unfolds in front of me , while I'm no provision for the road .

I oppose my Lord , violate His commandments openly , while he watched me all the time .

Ouch ! I indulge in my shameful deeds ! Ah ! Whatever has happened can not be eliminated and the time has passed when it can not be withdrawn .

Ah ! I sinned in secret , never people gradually know my sins are terrible . But tomorrow , the secret of my sins ditampakan and presented to the Lord .

Ah ! I sinned against him , even though the heart was afraid , but I really believe in His mercy infinite , I am sinful and shameless , boldly rely on His mercy infinite .

Who else besides Him , who will forgive my sins . Indeed He is worthy of all praise ! If there is no torment after death . There is no promise of heaven , there is no threat of hell . Death and decay quite as a warning , so that we avoid futile . But the reason we are ignorant . We do not take any warning . Now there is no hope for us , except the Most Forgiving, forgive our sins , because when a servant to do wrong , only his Lord , no one who forgives no doubt I was the worst of all his servants .

I have betrayed my covenant with my Lord made ​​in eternity . And , is capable servant that his promises do not mean . My God , how my fate would be , when the fire burn my body ? The fire melted the hardest rock !

Ah ! I myself when raised from the grave ( without anyone to help me on that day ) . O Thou , the One who has no partner to your greatness . Twelve kasihanillah loneliness , because abandoned by everything .

It was the most slippery roads even ulamapun foot slipped on it is greed .

Nothing is better than two goodness : Faith in God and beneficial to humans . Nothing is worse of two evils : Shirk in Allah and harm humans .

Three marks the perfection of faith : When angry , angry not out of truth . If happy , happy not bring the evil . When able to reply , he was forgiven .

Tertipulah who did three cases : Justify what was going on , rely on people who do not believe, and desire what is not possessed .

God buried him malice ; God put out her hostility ; Through it tied fraternity ; Dimulyakan abject . High humbled .

Sharing sustenance with sincere , filial to parents , to do good for others , change sorrow into happy and adds age .

All science is no subject matter . The subject is a human science Prophets ... They came to educate humans .

The best people are those that we expect kindness and we sheltered from the ugliness .

If people can be four things , it can be the good of the Hereafter : Be grateful , remembrance tongue , body steadfast in trials , and a loyal partner to keep himself and his property .

The Prophet asked the virtues bermanfaatkah after sin ? He replied : Repentance cleanse sin , goodness abolish evil.

Most humans are both generous and grateful people in spaciousness , which put the other person , be patient in trouble .

The three men will not be fought except by those who despised : the knowledgeable people who apply their knowledge , intelligent people and the priest fair scholar .

There is no calamity that , ore than underestimate sin - odsamu and feel pleased with the current state of rohaniahmu .

Heart Is a Field . Indeed there is half the words it harder than stone , sharper than a needle prick , more bitter than jadam , and hotter than coal . Truly the heart is a field , then plant it with a kind word , because if it does not grow everything ( which is not a good word ) , undoubtedly grow sebahagiannya .

Indeed a servant that if you indulge a feeling ujub jewelry world , Allah will be angry with him until he let go of the jewelry. ( Hadrat Abu Bakr )

People are griping that no one will escape rather than devastating than 4 properties namely : He will die and his property will be taken by the next of kin , and spent not in place or ; his property would be taken by force by a despotic ruler or ; his property into a fight and the bad guys will also be used for evil or ; sometimes it gets stolen treasure and used it on a road spree useless ( Hadrat Abu Bakr )

Whoever fears Allah SWT will not be seen nescaya anger . And whoever fears Allah , not in vain what she wants . ( Hadrat Umar )

People who laugh that much less authority . People who like to insult others , he will also be insulted . People who menyintai Hereafter , the world would accompany it . Whoever maintain the honor of others, will surely honor him awake . ( Hadrat Umar )

You ought to pay more attention to how it is received than many deeds of charity , you indulge too little actual deeds with piety . How does the practice was to be accepted ? ( Hadrat Ali Karamallahu Wajhah )

Do not expect someone other than the servant of the Lord and let him in addition to his fear . ( Hadrat Ali Karamallahu Wajhah )

There is no good worship no knowledge and there is no good science that is not understood and there is no good reading if there is no concern for him . ( Hadrat Ali Karamallahu Wajhah )

There is no perfect prayer without soul humility . There is no perfect fasting without preventing themselves rather than act in vain . There is no kindness to the reader of the Koran without taking pangajaran thereof . There is no good for people who have knowledge without having the nature of wara ' . There is no goodness without mutual friend took pity - compassion . The best favors are eternal favors held . The most perfect prayer is prayer based on sincerity . Whoever talkative , then a lot of harm anyway , who's a lot of harm , then there goes his pride , who lost his pride , he does not bererti wara ' , while those who do not wara ' it bererti her death . ( Hadrat Ali Karamallahu Wajhah )

Among the signs of the wise man is : His heart was always intending sacred . His tongue is always wet with dhikrullah . Cried his eyes his deep regret ( against sin ) . Dihadapaiya all things with patience and fortitude. Prioritize afterlife than life world . ( Hadrat Utshman bin Affan )

There is no holy man who has no past . There is no human being who does not sin punyai future ( anonymous )

Future would not go back and age will not be passed again last night so make today better than overnight and tomorrow better than today ( anonymous )

Nothing is certain in the world except death . And no closer than us except death .

" From Abu Hurairah ' Abdurrahman Bin Shakhr RA , the Prophet SAW said : Verily Allah Almighty does not look at your body shape and do not even see your shapes but God sees your heart . " ( Narrated by Muslim )

Rasulullah SAW said : " Whoever troubled in a problem let him say Laa laa quwwata Haula wa illa bil - laahil ' aliyyil - ' adheem ' ( There is no power and no strength except with Allah almighty help High, Most Great" ( Bayhaqi and Ar Rabi'i )

God hides His pleasure in the goodness . So do not underestimate the slightest kindness . Because we will never know which one gets the good pleasure of Allah .

Close the entrances of Shaytan , namely : arrogant , angry , overeating , ornate not to the husband / wife , to accumulate accumulate treasure , envy, jealousy , and shirk .

Make Patience and Prayer as helpers . And truly that Really Heavy , Except For the People khusyu . ( Al -Baqarah : 45 ) .


Blanks ( End ) WHAT WE DO WITH PRAYER . ( Mario )

Be thankful if you are already at the lowest level in your life , because there is no other choice but to go up . ( Mario )

Learn from ants . When confronted with a wall running and in front of it, they see it as the only way to rise to the top , nothing more . ( Mario )

Do not limit the good that you can do because it will limit you can achieve greatness . ( Mario )

Establish yourself as a friend for the good of others , then watch what happens . ( Mario )

Price we only comparable to our appreciation of the time . ( Mario )

Every day has the potential well ; but does not each of us focusing on personal feelings, thoughts , and actions that turn potential into reality both good . ( Mario )

Apparently , the time to sort out people based on the quality of his attitude in the use of time . ( Mario )

That being good at using time , will live well . Underestimate the time , will live penyepelean protest from others . ( Mario )

You are the pens that write your own life story . If you choose contains stories of love and beauty , then use your hand is the hand of God . ( Mario )

Then made ​​haste to add goodness in every step of your daily life , so that the magic that organize trips to move your life to the roads leading to the gardens of the beauty of life . ( Mario )

Reluctance is a very large force , either to achieve success or cause failure . So engganlah involved in things that do not produce . And made ​​haste to produce things , even the slightest . ( Mario )

Not a lack of knowledge hinders success , but insufficient action . And not less intelligent thought to slow changes in this life , but the lack of use of the mind and intellect . ( Mario )

If there is a lesson to be updated immediately you sense the closest friend whose name it your self , then it is a lesson about courage - a willingness to act in the name for which is based on the notion that good . ( Mario )

To be happy , confused , disappointed , sad , or angry is a matter of decision . If you decide to feel happy then you bahagialah . With it , your happiness is actually the result of accuracy of your decisions ( MTST - Deciding To Be Happy ) .

The people who worked hard today and make sure that it does today deserves an award in the future , will be more happy later welcomed future come with better quality . ( MT Star Point )

The beginning of our lives - not our plan , and when the end of the matter - not our decision ; but it has been increasingly clear to us that our job is to make the time between the beginning and the end of it , as a most beautiful journey that we can accomplish with our efforts , and with the loving help of the invisible hand . ( MT - Becoming is more important than Having )

Nobody ever became muski for sharing ( Anne Frank )

All achievements , all earned riches , stems from the idea ( Napoleon Hill )

Better pain words written on the paper brought darpada mummy inside the ( Anne Frank )

When the maximum effort , we will never know what miracle will come to us or to anyone else ( Hellen Keller )

As a woman , I have no country . My country is the world 's ( Virginia Wolf )

I believe everyone is basically really good heart ( Anne Frank )

We could never learn to be brave and patient if in this world there is only happiness ( Hellen Keller )

You will never find peace by ignoring life ( Virginia Wolf )

Happiness is anyone going to make other people happy too ( Anne Frank )

No self- pity is the worst enemy in this world ( Helen Keller )

You do not know what will happen it's just keep trying to do my best ( Rhodam Hillary Clinton )

There is nothing more fun than raises a smile on the faces of others, especially our loved ones face ( RA Kartini )

Untukbisa enjoy the freedom we have to control ourselves ( Virginia Wolf )

Not a pessimist who is able to uncover the secret pin the stars ( Hellen Keller )

Politics is heavy , there is a lot of energy that you have to devote ( Rhodam Hillary Clinton )

Laziness does seem tempting , but work gives satisfaction ( Anne Frank )

The pride and satisfaction of working makes me a better man ( Cindy Crawford )

Much more difficult to kill the shadows rather than kill a reality ( Virginia Wolf )

I do not have goals for myself . My goal for Indonesia Indonesian religions so prosperous State ( SK Trimurti )

Although relatively new democracy in Indonesia , has many achievements earned ( Rhodam Hillary Clinton )

Remarkably, you do not need to start changing the world khususuntuk time ( Anne Frank )

They can because they think they can ( Virginia Wolf )

Highest result of education is the attitude teloransi ( Hellen Keller )

If we do not know who own , we will not love ourselves ( Indayati Oetomo )

You can not make decisions based on fear or what might happen in the future . We can not get up that way ( Michelle Obama )

More gold has been mined from human thinking compared to that taken from the ground ( Napoleon Hill )
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How to Re-Install Windows 7 Full + Image

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How to Re-Install Windows 7 Full + Image

Haiii , , halooooo , I will share the knowledge about How to Re-Install Windows 7 Full + Image , the case is still much to install windows that do not know how , but if for vocational students who majored average computer can re-install the computer / laptop its yourself , for you were not yet able , let's follow reinstalling windows 7 STEP 2 below . really easy : D

Make sure if we 've backup drivers , so after install do not need to download again , for those who have not , read here wrote How to Backup Windows Drivers In 5 Minutes . Do not forget to also copy the important files in the Local C to Local D , because when we format , the file is on the desktop , my document and the download will be lost , because it is included in the Local C.

Before installing Windows 7 , of course you have to have a DVD of Windows 7 that his condition is still good , if you've broken , throw it away , hihi , if there are windows iso file , burn it to a DVD wrote , his way here clay Burning Windows 7 How To CDVD

Okay , immediately wrote Put the Windows 7 DVD , the BIOS settings in order to boot to the CDROM , if not in the settings , see here How to Set Bios to boot the CDROM .

If so, there will be writing Press Any Key To Continue , Enter wrote .
It will appear like this .

Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar

It should not be modified , directly next aja bro ..
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar

Select Install now
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Check the I accept the license terms , and then next ..
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Select Custom ..
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Select the partition that will be filled with Windows 7 , because there is only one partition , then go ahead , but on the laptop / PC you must have multiple partitions , select the partition C , about 100GB , can be checked in My Computer ..
Because there is no question of her friends is a way that my other data2 is not lost , and the only windows 7 deleted it how ?

It is quite difficult to answer , because the data and the disk on every computer / laptop is different , but I will explain the basics ..
In general , we are going to the windows file format and reinstall we were on local disk C with a capacity of around 100 GB , and data2 we are located in Local Disk D , or E , and so on , so we just need to get into windows 7 , and open disk C , kira2 its file content like this

If the contents as shown above , the C disk that is what we will use for formatted and re-installed , if not , look at another local disk .

Okay , after know , then we go back to the install process , select the disk that contains the windows and click Drive Options , then Format . After the format Next , the windows will start installing , kira2 30 minutes ,Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar

Wait Install Process .. After that the PC will restart itself several times , just wait ..
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar

Enter Username ( Your Name ) and computer names
Put Passwordd , if it does not want to use a password , directly next wrote .
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Put if you have a Serial Key , if ya have not got rid of her and the next Tick , the windows you will be a trial and expired within a certain period , can use Windows Loader so that you become a full version of windows , windows loader aja search on google :)

Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
 Select Ask Me Later
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Set your Time region
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Cara Install Ulang Windows 7 Lengkap+Gambar
Right out of her CD , DONE !
When finished installing windows , now just install drivers , just look at How To Install Drivers Who Already In Backup ..

PROBLEM which often happens when the install is stopping the install process or an error , most likely is caused by damage to your Windows DVD , and also problems on the hard drive , you can try to install on a laptop using a DVD or another friend to find out what is broken .
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Beautiful words

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Beautiful words
The answer to the above question is of course very easy, this time we will give an overview of a collection of beautiful words that will give you inspiration in life. Many may think that the beautiful words intended only to our spouse, but actually there are many wonderful words that can be addressed to anyone other than our spouse. Than many further ado, let's look better collection of beautiful inspiring words to live below.
Words collection of Beautiful Life Inspiration

"Life is not about who do good to you, but about who remain faithful behind you"

"Do not regret what you've gone, do not cry for what has gone. But stand up and rebuild what has gone and gone"

"The best way to punish someone who has done wrong to us is to do good to him"

"Fools never learn from kegagalanya, clever people learn from failure, the wise learn from the mistakes of others"

"Honesty is the soul jewelry brighter than diamonds"

"Learning without thinking is useless, but thought without learning is a dangerous thing"

"Do not expect others to respect you if you do not respect yourself"

"Do not change your life with other people's opinions, they will be happy but you will suffer"

"When you realize there is happiness within yourself, then you do not let your happiness be determined by someone else"

"Be careful choosing friends, sometimes your friends who you think your enemy is able to knock you over"

"If you can not be happy someone else, do not add to his grief"

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of a major effort to"

"Tears of a woman is a weapon that led to victory"

"Sometimes it is not bad memories that make us sad, but wonderful memories that will not happen again"

"Avoiding problems you have to face is the same as that must be followed to avoid kehiduipan"

"Sometimes you have to be quiet when you've made a mistake accept, you are not a sign of surrender but show that you're grown"

"That success must be a struggle, not only to dream"

"Always do yourself a favor in the best way, because it will make peace created"

"What is beautiful is not always good, but good is always beautiful"

"If need be losers complain less respectable than before to fight"

"The more we waste time envying the talent or the success of others, then we are also more difficult to evolve"

"A friend will not stab you in the back, but a friend will slap you on the next time you make a mistake"

Beautiful words

That was a wonderful collection of words that inspire life. Beautiful word that we gave above, we summarized from various sources. Hopefully with the presence of the wonderful reviews about the collection will further inspire your life everything.

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Broken Heart Words Of Love

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Broken Heart Words Of Love

Broken Heart Words Of Love New 2013. See you again in the article Broken Heart Words Of Love which will make you a bit complacent because of love. Broken Heart for love that is common in today's youth naturally. A little dressing boyfriend, eh old girlfriend on live. Well this article that more special for your broken heart for love, express it through Broken Heart Words Of Love below.

100 Words Broken Heart Because I Love New 2013 collected from various sources on the internet, facebook and twitter. And of course Broken Heart Words Of Love can also be used to update your Facebook status, Twitter or even your BBM.

Broken Heart Words Of Love

I tried to survive .. Without a word ... Without any rhyme in my conscience.

Tired of waiting .. Love for you was never reciprocated.

Funny indeed .. I still can smile sweetly, with her laugh to see you there.

Funny indeed, I still miss you .. Kutau though your heart is dead to me.

Funny indeed, this heart always rosy though I cry for you every night.

Funny indeed, I was just expecting you .. Although always wound I got.

In a poignant heart, this feeling is still hope in you.

My inner voice is always the same tone every day .. Miss singing just for you.

Have you ever felt what I felt? Have you noticed the amount of flavor that I gave?

Himself deserted, forgotten .. You just disappeared.

And myself paused in thought, silent and shivering in fear. Realize that how far you are, how quiet my soul

Usually women just want to be listened to, hug him and stop commenting

She said she was difficult to understand. Weve if we ungkapin feelings, men who could jd good listener?

Loss will never do anything of the liver. Do it and see the results.

Is there rasamu with rasaku? Or is it only a sense of hope?

There was no intention tuk let you go .. I tried to accept if it is your wish to go ..

I want to be pelangimu, which will always be able to make your life more colorful in my own way

I know, maybe I'm not the one that's best among them. But I know, I have my own way For to make you happy

Feel comfortable with you .. Although you can not ever had ..

This morning untuku also not for you, this morning for our story that has past .. Good morning love ..

Every beat of my heart, which I remember only your name .. Although you're not mine ..

If better without you, I would prefer the best ..

The most beautiful thing is to see your smile again .. His illness was not untuku smile ..

My smile is not the worst of My illness .. Sick of Senyummu that is not mine ..

Of each rigger breath, always terselipkan Rundu for you .. All about you ..

If you read my heart, There, always written your name .. Always ..

Good morning to you, and it also means I miss you this morning .. This morning you (:

Love never wrong .. No less than the power of any

Tired of it now looks in your eyes that used to always be one of the reasons why I love you

When was the belief that up to me? Scram O hiding behind the dark side of love ego

Under the auspices of the rain and the cold wind enveloped the night, there would be no sense of how I feel tired during the fixed smile I looked

Let something was lost along all passed. Despite the promise that had been destroyed, I will keep waiting for you

And let this night with me. Standing beside the empty space

Ready for success, certainly ready to proceed hrs. Because there's something instantly ..

I looked at something you do not see. I heard something that you did not hear. I feel something that you do not feel

Now I'm speechless, speechless, and stunned. Himself staring at the quiet night sky

Here, kumenanti a look that just stared a melodic strains of a whisper quiet conscience which had

Self has long standing alone .. Waiting for the lonely soul back

Let this be an ornament solitude night sky. Pilu is a light-dark diruang

Sometimes smiling, sometimes crying and when this self silent, so there I remember you

Hoping not to feel what I feel about you. Trying to keep it together behind the tears

Trying to bury the remains empty memories. But sometimes all continue dilubuk engraved in the hearts of most

This heart is empty and hollow without you .. I guess ill just because of injuries.

I'm just trying to love you wholeheartedly .. But now you leave me go .. Sick leave and injury ..

I think you're in love and you throw me away like trash.

And now I will not know how to get you to try again.

You go with the love that I never got to tell you.

You go away, leave me a thousand questions.

I sometimes still can not accept .. Realizing you go to him.

I'm waiting to see you .. Still waiting for an answer from you taste.

I thought we loved each other .. But unfortunately I was just too dull.

It may take some time to understand .. But no need to cover yourself and your heart for me.

I'm waiting .. With a mountain of stupid high expectations .. But you're fake.

Nothing you need to worry about .. I'm here, okay without you.

You gave me an appointment .. Giving a dream that unfortunately you never keep.

Smiles and laughter that you give .. Asa and stories for you .. Now no more.

The more I tried to remove the taste of this .. Increasingly knife pierced hearts ..

Take it all that I do for the sake of a handful of sincere love .. Willingly let yourself go with it ..

Was I wrong to expect you? Blame yourself too give ..

I am no longer able to digest the meaning and purpose .. Awaits only unanswered question from you ..

You laugh it off with him .. What about my heart?

if you can not remember, at least you do not forget me.

Let me asleep in my bed .. Do not have to remember the deep sweetness of your smile ..

All of you have left .. All of you have forgotten ..

Now, you come with a smile, and gentle persuasion. But do not go .. And I ran

You come to me with a smile, and gentle persuasion .. Then go .. And I'm still here .. d

Have the same taste .. But we very difficult to unite .. : '(

There was never a feeling of doubt .. I'm sure one day you will come back to me .. : ')

You are there .. Love is always warm for you .. ;)

This heart is always singing the same words .. Revealed the same rhythm .. Miss you.

Night is not always quiet. In spite of myself, I realized at the end there, there is someone who will put out his hand to me.

I want you to come back .. Warm me from feeling lonely lonely .. Hold my hand go hand in hand ..

Walked and walked alone, through every night silent without meaning, without you ..

Now I know the meaning of quiet. Now I know the meaning of loneliness without you. Everything feels tortured ..

Sometimes I do not understand what I do. I'm satisfied with just looking at you without being able to have?

Stars that much .. Look away. Just as my heart and your heart .. Much can not be together ..

I can not stand when not staring at the sky. Try to imagine the beauty of your face among the stars ..

Was I wrong to be .. Or is the state that made me lose you?

You bring life back to our future, will you hold my hand anymore? Give a warm hug ..

And I wished .. Imagine that one day I could have you completely ..

In dreams you laugh, smile, speak the language manjamu me .. Unfortunately only in dreams ..

Staring at the smile in your face .. Realizing that I should not have lost it ..

Last night, re-dreamed of you .. Times when we dreamed together first ..

Help me out of the snare of love .. False love that you gave me ..

Let kumemilih path .. And I let you choose your path without with me

you who have been far away for so long and destroying thousands of hope now you come with a wisp of a smile as sweet as the first reply

Figure anganku decorate your face comes back .. Figure of actual face was long gone ..

Kupendam this wound, I let love blossom even though you still have to destroy it ..

Fragrant aroma body still made an impression .. Hug your arms warm always missed ..

My prayers never wrong .. This prayer for you, someone who is no longer there with me ..

I hope that thou be the answer to my prayers. My long wait in prayer and solitude that this endless ..

I'm sorry klo must here's how .. Let you go, how I love you ..

You do not expect many tuk back. Will show I can still tuk stand ..

This flavor is always there for you .. Something you may never know ..

Give your love to her like you love me. Give affection nevertheless sincere love me like you used to

Waste your tears, remove all memories of our love. Stare at a new day with him

Trying to remain upright standing .. Alone at night sunyinya override sense for you ..
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Said words of wisdom.

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Said words of wisdom.

1) Never underestimate a good deed we even just smile.

2) The world is like the ocean expanse. Who we are sailing ship in the ocean has many wrecks in it .. capacity if we are faith and piety mast, we would be safe from getting lost in the sea of ​​life.

3) Life is not always beautiful but it's a lovely stay alive in the memories.

4) Everything we do let's be honest because honesty is too important in a life. Without honesty life has always been a toy.

5) Knows who hurt like bent iron even harder hit back to its original shape.

6) In some humility in character. In the property there is a wealth of poverty of the soul. There is power in knowledge of hardship.

7) be sincere to yourself that life is full of tranquility and peace. Life without holding like soap bubbles. Any time it will burst.

8) Failure of glory better than success in disgrace. Give a little more sincere about giving with many noble but accompanied by a ripple.

9) There is no holy man with no past and no sinner man who does not have a future.

10) the soft words can soften hearts harder than batu.Tetapi harsh words can coarsen silky soft heart.

11) three-inch long tongue can kill a man six feet high.

12) Religious man never disappoints. But the man who is always disappointing religion.

13) Lust says she is beautiful on the basis of appearance. Common sense says the pretty girl on the basis of knowledge and intelligence. And proud to say she is beautiful on the basis of morals.

14) Sincerity is like a black ant on a black rock on a very dark night. They exist but are very difficult to see.

15) Life requires pengorbananan. Sacrifice requires struggle. The fight requires patience. Perseverance requires confidence. Confidence determines success. Success will determine happiness.

16) A wise words expressed often praised until it was empty talk

17) The property will be fully utilized without knowledge but rather knowledge will grow if it is used.

18) Wealth is not a sin, and beauty is not an offense. So if you have both you should not forget in the Almighty.

19) Friends do not honestly like the nearby kitchen. Even if you do not hit jelaganya will certainly hit the smoke.

20) Why men love trigger conflict when the man himself was born of a romance.

21) We are always young to sin but never old to repent.

22) Suspend semangatmu determination and stars in the sky-high and lower low heart pearl in the ocean.

23) Every closed eye means it has not been sleeping. Not mean that every open eye he saw.

24) Make yourself like a tree where people could take shelter. Do not like dried tree where the owl off homesickness and made eligible only firewood.

25) Write a ten-volume book on the philosopher's easier than performing a piece orders.

26) Do not Tread on small items such as small needles sometimes shed blood.

27) Happiness is like perfume spray, W hen we will be able to wear it all feel fragrance. Therefore give even a single bit of joy you have is your friend.

28) Tomorrow but tomorrow definitely have not been identified to us. Remember-remember to face that keep coming tomorrow.

29) Emotional reactions not observed, because the implications are not as diimaginasi.

30) Friends of the believer is like the sun that shines. Loyal companion scent fragrance range. Inspire dreams true friend. Hearted companions lead us to the path of Allah.

31) People who are happy will always make time to read for reading the source of wisdom provide time laugh because laughter is the music of the soul, providing time to think because thinking the trees progress, providing time to work because the base of the success of the work, providing time for bersenda because it will make young bersenda regularly and provide hours of worship because worship is the mother of all peace of mind.

32) Visually it as a poisonous dart demon, then who avoid for fear Me, and I will replace it with the perceived sweetness of faith in the hearts ...

33) "Women are beautiful without personal honor, like yangbersinar-shining eyes, but did not see anything"

34) "Disappointment taught us the meaning of life. Continue our struggle despite the obstacles to hurdle in life"

35) Mark Wise Is The Holy Intend His heart always; tongue Always Wet With Z─░KRULLAH; eyes Crying Because Regret (against sin); Patience On The Face And The Judgment Against World Centric.

36) If the crime in response evil, then it is revenge. If it's tit for tat is common. If good tat, it is wrong. But if evil tat, it is noble and admirable. "

37) "Life is like ice cream. Liquid Enjoy it before"

38) "The words that actually have no meaning for articulating feelings. Humans can form a thousand words, a thousand languages. But not a word of evidence primacy feeling"

39) "Life should not be guided by conscience who can sometimes destroy yourself. Should we think the main thing is to accept something or make something good accordance with the statement"

40) "Life is a combination of happiness and suffering. It is testing the soundness of one's faith. Unfortunately for those who only own heart not willing to accept suffering.
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After experiencing failure surely we need an inspiring encouragement. Let's say a problem with a job that makes you often feel bored and uninspired, try to read the word motivation words that I collected this work, may be a motivation that can make your work spirit.

After my previous article updates full of wise words said Mario Teguh motivation, motivation Yuk just read below:

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.
Robert Frost

The most difficult job completed is a job that is never started.
Rangga Umara

Many people tend to choose to replace their jobs, spouses, and friends. But do not ever consider changing himself.
Rangga Umara

Real way to differentiate you from your competitors is the service you provide. (Jonathan Tisch)

Do it with an impressive, do it right and do it with style. (Fred Astaire)

Whoever sowing seeds of kindness, will enjoy eternal harvest. (Anonymous)

Only those who dare to take the risk to go even that far is going to know how far he can go. (T.S. Eliot)

I'm just a man, but I was somebody. I can not do everything, but I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do. (Helen Keller)

Keep in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than the others. (Abraham Lincoln)

When we love and laugh with our patients, we increase the highest degree of healing, peace in the heart. (Leslie Gibson)

It is our obligation to go forward as if the limits of our abilities do not exist. (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Nothing has ever worked better if the implementation was not helped by a strong spirit. (Nietzsche)

We need more people who specialize doing something impossible. (Theodore Roethke)

A new idea is considered silly at first, and then discarded because they are not important until everyone finally recognized. (William James)

Great things done by the people who think great and then take part in the world to realize their dreams. (Ernest Holmes)

Toil will only succeed if the perpetrators are not easily discouraged. (Napoleon Hill)

In essence, embodies the idea of ​​genius is the simplest. (Charles Peguy)

It is the hope in a broader sense, which allows the father to build, from scratch, one of the largest companies in India. He has done the hard work, initiative, self-confidence. But, above all, the capacity, as he often said, "Dream with your eyes wide open". (Anil Ambani)

It is distressing to find someone to mediocrity only when it is too late to know its potential. (W. Somerset Maugham)

If a man loves his workers, irrespective of the question of success or fame, the Lord has called him. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

I would tell young people to start than they have today. And the secret of the success starts from the small successes and big dreams. (John H. Johnson)

I wish money grew on trees, but in fact it is only the hard work to make money. (Jim Cramer)

I am a little cynical about the American mentality before I came here. But now I testify, no one here will drop you if you buy yourself a $ 300,000 car. They tend to say: ".. Well, you probably worked hard for it. Congratulations to you" (Simon Cowell)

If you train hard, you'll not only experiencing difficulties, but you will be hard to beat. (Herschel Walker)

I want to actually use when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. (George Bernard Shaw)

I seem to have developed enough among the young people. I enjoyed it. It's nice when you work hard and see that people enjoy it. (George Ross)

If hard work is a wonderful thing, surely the rich would keep it all to themselves. (Lane Kirkland)

I really want people to know that I've been working hard, very hard, to get to where I am today .. This does not just happen overnight. I started the business over 25 years ago and has found a way to build on what I've learned through every partnership and opportunity. (Magic Johnson)

Better to wear out than rust. (Richard Chamberland)

In my experience, in any form, one can not depend only on human relations for lasting reward. Just work really hard at that satisfying. (Bette Davis) Instead of thinking about where you are, think about where you want. It takes twenty years of hard work to become an overnight success

Words that Harleys Flirt

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Words that Harleys Flirt

Usually the guys most likes to make words or utter crap word trite romantic seduction abis in front of a girl Utawa gebetannya. Many collection Words Flirt Gombal Harleys written and spoken, as I write here for you who want air-Crap-Gembel girls.

Definitely want to know it, so immediately wrote deh readable collection of crap that gokil words following, a little word seduction gokil once wrote that crap that could be a moment are ye made to woo someone:

Words Flirt Gombal the Harleys

# Words # Gombal Harleys

According to Einstein, energy is mass times the square of the speed of light. According to me, it is your energy ..

If now is dated October 28, 1928, I will change the script a Youth Pledge Pledge I Love You ..

Gak Tau?! BMG: Meteorology, Geophysics, changed its name to OMG after looking bright as your face ..

Struggle such as Mario Bros, should slay dragons and monsters for dapetin kura2 love of km Mr. MY Daughter ..

Dear! this morning I can not eat because merindukn km, noon jg ill eat because I think of you & ill bs night sleep because of hunger ..

If I were the sea, so you fish,
I'm so beetles, so you flowers,
I became the sun, you so earth,
I got the ring finger, do you want it cicinnya jd?

Smile you're rich server twitter, the more clay you smile more I love making over-capacity ..

Papa we deh different GSM card, the origin of the name later we're in the same family CARDS ..

Love is like a drug: once tried so addictive, do not try to make curious, was left to make a withdrawal.

If you are the Earth, then I is its atmosphere, which is at all times to protect you from illness and comet meteor attack.

You're more special than Halley's Comet which appeared 76 years. Because you appear one time in my life and irreplaceable.

Maybe I'm the world's worst goalkeeper, allowing you to find the net over and over again with your love.

Four of five perfectly healthy. I really do not feel the perfection that was before I feel your love ..

The reply of itungan until ten, Her love I to you only until two. Duaaaalem really ..

The reply of itungan until ten, Her love I to you only until six. Enambaaah continues ..

I do not want to be "number one" in your heart, I want, I "only one" in your heart ..

You tuh deh strange, though you often make me upset but what I think I love you all the days grow ya?

Weve guy most like to watch football, but if I'd rather you nontonin eyeball ..

# Words # Flirt Gombal Jayus

- You can not diem?
- Why the hell?
- Diem wrote in my heart I need not go anywhere else.

- You tuh Jakarta rich if raining.
- How so?
- Make my brain because FLOOD LOSS mind about you.

- Got a plastic bag?
- Why?
- I'm going to throw up, spew all this pent-up feeling of love for you.

- Telephone number RSJ how? Cepet!
- Who is crazy?
- Me, I'm madly in love with your beauty.

- I want to be an architect deh.
- Weve why?
- I can design a beautiful future with you.

- If you watch the same loss
- How so?
- I do not know the story, which I watched your face does not a movie.

- Bring the cables do not?
- For what?
- To discharge the high voltage love from me to you.

- Neng, you often pass here huh?
- How to know?
- Trace your steps imprint in my heart

- Perhaps you do not ask for photos?
- Why?
- Want me to taro in wedding invitations me later.

- Tau why not tonight ga star?
- Why?
- He minder with you because you were more beautiful light.

- Tau bitter coffee why not?
- Why?
- Actually was sweet, but the sweetness of moving to your face.

- You have 1 ton of cement ga?
- Ga, for what?
- Create build the palace of love we both

- I want to make a tattoo, but not in the body
- Then where?
- In my heart, carving your name tatto

- Know ye not different from the same formula?
- What?
- The formula is difficult to remember, if you're hard to forget

- Just now do not you feel the earthquake?
- Not tuh
- Oh, it turns out that shocks my heart because you deket again.

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