How to Create a free Blog on Blogger

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How to Create a free Blog on Blogger

How to Create a free Blog on Blogger 

The main requirement before you make a blog on blogger is having an email address is still active, if you have not created an email, please read the tutorial on how to create an email in gmail or create emails on yahoo. Now I assume that you already have the emai address in gmail, for us it just to make a blog. 

1. Please visit 

2. Then look at the bottom right, change into english language in order to more easily 

3. Entry / login using your username / username and your gmail password (you can also email account to login to blogger). 
How to Create a free Blog on Blogger

4. Fill out the attached form and your data such as: 

Display name: fill in the name that will appear on your blog profile. 
Sex: select your gender, for example: Male. 
Admission Requirements: Checklist as a sign that you agree with the rules have been set by the blogger. Terlebihdahulu should read the terms and conditions given by the blogger that you understand. 

5. Click the arrow labeled "Continue". Then click "New Blog" 
How to Create a free Blog on Blogger

6. Then fill in the data form your blog on the form provided as: 

Title: Fill in the title of the blog that you want, for example: A Guide and Tutorial Blogger 
Address: fill in the desired blog address. 
Template: Select the template (see blog) that you liked 
7. Continue to click on the "Create a blog". 
How to Create a free Blog on Blogger

8. Till this stage your blog has been created, but to avoid the perception of spam by google you should start making the article, at least 1 post. To make the post / article follow this blog tutorial below. 

9. Click "Start posting 

10. The contents of the title and the article you wish to postkan blog 

11. Once you finish writing and then click "preview" to see the interim results, if it is appropriate then click "publish" 

12. Done and I say "Congratulations" also published a new bog you on your closest friends or people that you already have a blog now. 

So that I can say about the tutorial how to create a free blog on blogger, may be useful. Make sure you are always faithful Flo pedia super blog to get the latest blogger tutorials and other information. If you do not want to miss the article that I will post on the next occasion, please subscribe via email atikel free, and join me fanspage facebook-like super blog pedia.

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