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             After a meeting yesterday to explain enough about White Hat SEO description. Well this time I will discuss thoroughly the Black Hat SEO, ranging from the application or use of optimization to the influence of Black Hat SEO. Before going any further I'll tell about What Is Black Hat SEO ?? Black Hat SEO is optimization technique that is done by the owner of a Website or Blog that is only concerned with the position of a blog in the search results and make the quality of the content to be very low, usually to be done on articles that are following SEO Contest great prizes. This practice would be true - to benefit only in the short term in terms of eringkat, but if you found or caught using techniques - techniques of spam on your Web site or blog, you will get the risk of being penalized by the search engines or often called Search Engine .

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Black Hat SEO is very tempting and quite tempting website or blog owners, especially for the scrambling pmula already there - here in the blog optimization, but still not achieve the desired target, which is ranked No. 1 or page one on page 1 google with keywords (keywords) incarannya. So what will happen is the last beginner would do all sorts of ways to get in position and win the keyword SERP (Search Engine Result Page), including using or doing Black Hat SEO. However, should my friend know that Black Hat SEO will only be entertained within TEMPORARY pal only.

If you make good and quality content is not merely just deceiving Search Engine, Blog or Website may be applying it banned by the search engines and make the blog is not indexed forever. But, still, many of which perform the way Black Hat SEO optimization.

Therefore, Black Hat SEO is not a good technique to be practiced. If you run a business in the blog. I suggest not all - of times using this technique or optimization, because it will cause your site's ranking in search engines plummeted !!


1 Link Farming Techniques (Garden Link) 

Link Link Farming or garden is a technique to collect the link in the blog page or site, it is considered by most hunters to seek effective backlink backlinknya and it turns out that assumption is still not perfect by Google. Making post a link farm by making out with the intention of giving large amounts of backlinks to other pages or other Websites. Posted a link with large quantities so FULL with a link on one of the pages can be categorized by Link Farming. Link farming is usually placed on his dummy blog backlinks leading to the original blog.

2 Techniques Keyword Stuffing 

Keyword Stuffing is the application of excessive keyword or keyword shoot blindly, in which a web page or a blog that contains a word that is repeated - repeated or unnatural. And if we are too much to position keywords in a specific article, it is also berdampakterhadap your blog, so try to make keywords as possible in an article only 3-5 keywords only. Manipulating keywords for a ppemeringkatan or ranking of a blog on the SERP by filling pages with excessive use of keywords.

3 Techniques Page Cloaking Doorway Page 

Page Cloaking Doorway Page technique is a way in which to find a way to create a web page in order to continue to be seen or continue to visit. Techniques such as this can be done in the relevant blog or on another blog by inserting a javascript code and be able to use php which is calling for an optimized page you want. It simply is a way to use the pop-up, which is a technique that does not open a web page we want to visit open in a new window, so like it or not is still open a web page the other. Another way of the door this way is to make a code page refresh or redirect to a specific page that you want to redirect. Of course, the page has a good example trafficnya thousands of traffic then the thousands of visitors automatically redirected to the web page to the optimization. Another way in a doorway page is a URL redirect exploit of the Google search results.

4 Techniques Invisible Text (Text Not Visible) 

Techniques Invisible Text (Text Not Visible) is a technique to hide the word a keyword in the blog that the word would not be visible by naked eye or straight. The trick is to equate the word with the text color or background background templates. However, the text does not appear that we can see but only a way to block all pages or select CTRL + A + All, point to mark the entire article, but if we do not see this hidden text, but the robot will always see what we lakikan .

5. Report Competitors In Search Engines 

This technique is a form of cheating to menyingkrkan same keywords competitors by providing reports - false statement to Search Engine with accompanying data - the false data that has been arranged in such a way to manipulate it so that competitors enter the sandbox blog search engines.

6 Creating Content Hidden In Tag Comments 

In this text the intention is to incorporate the content in comment tags that have been disguised to fool the search engines in the interests of the owner's personal blog or website in the search engines crawl on the main page to sub to the target page.

Short-term impact might this Black Hat SEO will make a profit for the perpetrators. But that name is a form of cheating in any case long - eventually must be caught as well, so with the actions or Black Hat SEO Optimization. Therefore, all the Search Engine will be to blacklist anyone who is caught doing this illegally optimization. That loss after doing this optimization, it violates the TOS of Google, and the penalty is a blog or your website will not be indexed again on Google, The worst is the blog you will be entered in the sandbox and dii eventually banned by Google.
Using White Hat SEO, let the old but surely, safe, and consistent it better in the future, rather than instant but not long after going Destroyed And Just Throw - Discard Time Only. Please you look, you think of the SMART and consider once again if you want to use Black Hat SEO measures.
Doing Black Hat SEO optimization is bad for the quality content and SEO blog. So that makes the visitor will not last long. And appeared in the First Order or the Page One search engine will also meantime. Finally, it is harmful to Blog or Website which we manage if exposed to penalties from Google.
How to check if your site is not the same taxable Banned or Google by typing site: or in the google search field. If there is no result of the search when the previous results it is clear there is clearly a website or the website exposed Banned by Google.

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Hopefully can provide benefits to all of you . Okay , so the posting of our Health - Recipes Care- this time.

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