10 Natural Fruit Mask For Face To Clean

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10 Natural Fruit Mask For Face To Clean

10 Natural Fruit Mask For Face To Clean

There are so many women who wanted to have a white face shining but do not have time to salon treatments or medicine. Plus the cost is definitely very expensive expensive at all if we do care Husus disalon and doctors for skin whitening. Kan of the pay expensive - expensive money is better used more important. Whether it's for household, school, college, etc.

Therefore I will here give a few tips to make a mask from a variety of fruits to whiten your skin black or dull. Surely the term maskeran it was not strange anymore among women. Handmade mask is very good for skin health and able to make skin brighter. Do Not Believe? yukk try the tips.
10 Natural Fruit Mask For Face To Clean


How to whiten the face of rapidly
Fruit Mask

1. Avokado

How to whiten the face with alpuket
Avocado or avocado is great for skin health and beauty. Especially if you are used to dry skin can certainly be damp because avocados have a good fat content. In addition, Avokado can also make the skin more youthful and toned. When added to milk your face will surely be moist, firm and natural white.
  • The trick
  1. Take half an avocado and input into the bowl
  2. Add 1 egg yolk, and add 1/4 cup milk
  3. Mix well until shaped like a mask.
  4. After that, apply on face and leave on for 15-30 minutes until the mask substantially dry
  5. Well if you've lived washed wear warm washcloth
2. Papaya

How to whiten face with Papaya

Papaya is very efficacious for skin rejuvenation. Papaya helps make peeling dead skin cells become. So that the skin will be fresh as papaya also helps the skin to regenerate. Hitampun skin peeling and slowly become a natural white, toned and beautiful.

  • The trick
  1. Quite a blender just papaya as 50-100 gr taste
  2. Tambagkan little honey
  3. Apply to face and let stand for a few minutes to dry
  4. if you already use a warm washcloth to make the skin clean.
  5. and see the results
3. Lime

Efficacy Lime for skin

If this one is not strange anymore, it contains a lot of fiber and rich in vitamin C, which is able to moisturize and whiten skin. Besides jerik lime can also eliminate acne and scars as orange juice contains anti-irritant and reduce fat in the face so that it can reduce oily face also cause acne.
  • The trick
  1. Beat egg whites stiff 1 piece
  2. Add 1 or 2 limes
  3. Then apply on the face
  4. Egg whites will harden by itself and is sure to be stiff
  5. Does not require a long process to dry
  6. if it is dry wash your stay just use warm washcloth
4. Melon and Watermelon

Natural White face with Watermelon and Melon
Melon and Watermelon

Melon or watermelon contains a lot of very good water to make the skin healthier. Watermelon or cantaloupe is suitable for very dry skin or skin that is often exposed to the sun. If used continuously definitely the skin will be moist and not black sunburn easily.
  • The trick
  1. Blender 100 gr and 100 gr semangkaa melon (do not drink ya)
  2. If it contains a lot of water because it would be difficult to apply directly to the skin
  3. Stay sipakan cotton or gauze
  4. Biaskan cotton absorbs or her earlier belenderan and paste kewajah
  5. Continue to do until the face was covered by cotton
  6. If it is considered sufficient approximately 15 minutes immediately wash your face with warm water
5. Carrots

Benefits of Carrots to Whiten Skin
Carrots can prevent premature aging process, if consumed every day. Similarly, if we make it into a face mask, face definitely will avoid premature aging or visible wrinkles. In addition, carrots also contain that can make your skin more radiant.
  • The trick
  1. 1 carrot blender until smooth
  2. Add the 1 or 2 tablespoons honey
  3. Mix well
  4. Apply to face and let sit until dry
  5. If it stay deh wear cotton cloth that has been dipped in warm water
6. Strawberry

Fruit is good and to whiten the skin

Strawberries are very suitable for oily skin, but it can also make the skin strawberry and replacing them with a new dead skin cells that can brighten and whiten the face. Besides strawberries also can make dull skin becomes healthier, fresh and blushing.
  • The trick
  1. Prepare 7-8 strawberries and blend until smooth
  2. Add a few tablespoons of fresh milk and mix until evenly
  3. Apply on the face and leave on for a few hours
  4. Strawberry juice and milk until fully absorbed into the skin
  5. then wash with warm water.
7. Pineapple
Powerful Manas fruit skin whitening

Pineapple is not good if consumed by women is lacking exaggeration, but if we used to be used as a facial mask that does not papa. Even good for pineapple will refresh the skin and is able to shrink pores - facial skin pores.
  • The trick
  1. Blender pineapple taste for face
  2. Continue to apply on face and leave for a few minutes to dry
  3. Then rinse with warm water
8. Noni
Secret whiten face with Noni

Noni sanngat efficacious once used to inhibit skin aging. Not only that noni is also very good for treating acne. When we wear a mask of noni fruit can make facial muscles become relaxed and all the symptoms of dry skin wrinkles will disappear.
  • The trick
  1. Blender 2 noni
  2. Squeeze until the remaining juice alone
  3. Prepare gauze or cotton to absorb
  4. Stick it on your face and let stand until the juice penetrates into skin or until dry cotton
  5. Clean using warm water
9. Yam

Powerful and Fast way to whiten skin

Yam since ancient times already believed potent skin lightening. So yam is often used as cosmetic ingredients. But it would be much better if the use of materials with process sediri yam. In addition to be bright and clean face will also be protected from various kinds of skin irritation.
  • The trick
  1. Peel the yam and a blender until smooth
  2. After the paste to the face
  3. Let stand until the juice and pulp absorbs into the skin to become dry
  4. Rinse with warm water
10. Cucumber

Cucumber Benefits for beauty

Cucumber can menghilangakan eye bags and make it brighter. Furthermore cucumber can also be made into a mask and make faces to be clean but not shiny. So the cucumber mask is very good for oily.
  • The trick
  1. 1 cucumber blender until smooth and then use as a mask
  2. Wait until the mask dries
  3. And rinse with warm water
  4. Or you can also cut cucumber round - round and then placed on the face
* Notes
Do maskeran every day of your holiday so that the skin feels healthy. Get used after makeran wash it with warm water. Wear a mask and the rest of your body while sleeping.

Done deh article about 10 Natural Masks for Skin Whitening. Do not give up to visit here yes, guaranteed there are many more tips - tips on health and other beauty. If you have any problems or there is something you want to share and ask dikolom please fill yaa comments. Thank you for visiting.

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