Here's Secrets to Healthy Hair Without Salon

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Here's Secrets to Healthy Hair Without Salon

Here's Secrets to Healthy Hair Without Salon

Who says have healthy hair without the salon is it impossible? Anyone, including you, can really have a shiny hair crown charming, as long as care routine. If the daily grind often make you forget the importance of maintaining healthy hair, then the best way is to understand the simple steps home-based hair care using only the right products and quality.
Here's Secrets to Healthy Hair Without Salon

Hair washing frequency depends on your hair type. Special oily hair, try to wash it every day to prevent the buildup of dirt and drenched cause dandruff. If conditions dry hair, you should wash it twice a day in order to maintain the natural moisture of your hair scalp. Suggested combing the hair before shampooing in order to minimize the amount of hair loss is broken because tergaruk by the finger and so on.

"A time gently massaging your head for at least one minute that the circulation of blood flow in the head area. Avoid water that is too hot because it can damage the cuticle and your natural hair follicles, "Ram suggestions Derry, owner of one of the salon and spa in West Jakarta numbers.

The main function is to maintain the moisture of hair conditioner. After shampooing with shampoo, hair rinse to clean then squeeze the remaining water on the hair and apply conditioner is approximately 5 cm of the scalp forward to the ends of the hair. Ram advised not to apply a conditioner on the scalp and the base of the hair because the hair trigger heavy, greasy, and loss of volume.

Hair Mask
The way applications are similar to hair mask conditioner. The difference, specifically dry hair, you can flatten Maske to all parts of the hair for the sake of maximum results. However, for the hair damaged by perming or coloring process, use a hair mask before going to bed, dressing using a warm towel and let stand for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Hair Tonic
Tonic function to overcome hair loss. Hair tonic also maintain the overall health of hair. To view healthy hair without the salon, Ram recommend tonic products according to the conditions and your hair type and hair tonic understand how to use it correctly.

"Use tonic while the hair is still wet. Make sure the liquid hair tonic exposed or direct contact with the scalp. Pour tonic start from the front line of hair above the forehead to the back. Repeat twice, "advice he graduated from cosmetology beauty of the Jakarta State University.

Hair Serum
Serum into final products applied to the hair treatment step. When the hair is still in a state of semi-moist, give serum from the middle area to the tip of the hair shaft using the palm of the hand to nourish the hair.

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