How To Make Twitter for Business Optimization and Fun

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How To Make Twitter for Business Optimization and Fun

How To Make Twitter for Business Optimization and Fun

I never talk about how to use #Twitter for the benefit of your business, but this time I am happy to discuss a little deeper. Focus on how we interact on Twitter. Yes, focus on the Twitter. Here are some of the important functions of Twitter for your business:

Increase engagement with customers.
Build personal branding on the product / service.
Of course, generate sales.
Achieving the goal of a small business that you are awake.
So, starting from which to reach all the important functions of the above? Let us discuss how to focus on Twitter to develop small businesses. Yep! Optimization Twitter for small business with the following suggestions:
How To Make Twitter for Business Optimization and Fun

What Can You Do in Twitland?

1. Choosing the Right Name

The first and most important thing when doing optimization Twitter for business is the election of the name. This is the forerunner of business will be remembered - at Twitter. If you already have a previous business but not perform optimization on Twitter, or say yet joined, you can choose a name brand that suits your business. However, if they are just starting out then think about the choice of names that "catchy" and easy to remember - be in accordance with your brand name or a name that is easy to remember.

What if Twitter username that suits your business name was already not available? You can choose the name (username) that is easy to remember.

2. Profile of matching

This is the fundamental thing that can be said is very interesting (potential) customer you. Features avatar, bio and background is functionalized to introduce your business and often attract the attention of a user to have to follow. However, remember that you are indeed profik appropriate or relevant to your business brand. Not funny if your brand is aimed at men, for example, namn concept at Twitter profile look too 'feminine'.

3. Never Too Serious Men-tweet

Not that you do not have a strategy for the tweet-tweet will you share but should not tweet too formal. Occasionally try to inject humor in your tweet. So, we are not impressed 'lecturing' the follower but arouse their interest.

Likewise, when interacting with the follower, trying to be more familiar will increase the intimacy between you and your followers. Receive and reply to the response of the follower, both positive and negative nature in a way that is familiar yet elegant.

4. Interaction With The Followers

Yes, when doing optimization Twitter for business, it means you are ready to interact with more intense with your customers. As mentioned earlier, answering any mention (read: questions and statements) of the customer is important. Then, how you can interact again?

Asking questions on the follower, can with the aim to interact and find out what they are interested.
Retweet and mention. Not one to retweet mention of customers who have entered. It is useful to build engagement, not just between you and the customer but the customer with the customer. To be sure the image you become more "friendly".
Favorite Tweets. Use Favorite Tweets of customer statements praising the product / service to store and sort of be a testimony to the (potential) customer you about your brand.
The latest promo promo Share on Twitter that constantly monitors your followers, if possible promo is only for your followers alone. Deserve appreciation, is not it?

5. Consistent

Supposing no "warm at the beginning" only. We who want to optimization Twitter for business means being ready also to be consistent 7 multiplied by 24 hours. You know yourself that the Twitter timeline to move quickly and so should we move quickly and often "bring back". Never be bored! Few tips when doing optimization Twitter for business: have fun!

6. Perform Periodic Evaluation

When we plunge into social media as a business media we then learn to listen. Actually, this statement is not new. When you do business offline also, you have to be ready to listen and evaluate. By listening, you can know the interest of your followers, then the evaluation of the reference to be better again. You can evaluate the growth of followers, how much interaction and conversion course - how much do the deal.

It's ready to perform optimization Twitter for your small business? Remember the word that I have just mentioned, have fun! Hopefully the above tips help you that are building a brand through the media's blue bird logo!

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