5 Habits that Make Fast Sagging Breasts

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5 Habits that Make Fast Sagging Breasts

5 Habits that Make Fast Sagging Breasts

Age is not too old, but why breast is not as tight as it seems once again? Wear clothes in which you feel is not fitting subject, its position was seen to decline. Ah, really unsightly!

Hm ... sagging breasts or down could be caused by a habit you wear a bra, wrong diet, or a less healthy lifestyle. There are some habits that cause rapid breast sagging, and need to know the following:
5 Habits that Make Fast Sagging Breasts

1. You wear the wrong size bra
Various studies show that breast support bra is not well, either because the wrong size or model is less suited to the shape of the breast, can cause rapid breast sagging. Be sure to choose a bra with the right size, and his cup truly able to protect and support the breasts well.

2. You consume a lot less water
Still less confident with the enormity of the benefits of water? The reason this one might make you start practicing drinking more water. Because rarely drinking water can make your skin look rough and wrinkled, and this does not only occur on the skin, but also on the breast.

3. You do not protect the breast from the sun
Hm ... what to do, huh? Is not that facial skin must be protected from the sun? Apparently not. If you love to swim, stroll to the beach, or to other outdoor places, be sure to apply sunscreen all over the body. No exception breast. Sun exposure can cause rapid breast sagging due to premature skin aging.

4. You smoke
A study has been going on for eight years found that smoking can cause rapid breast sagging. What is? Because cigarette smoke can break down elastin, a protein that provides elasticity to the skin. As you know, supple skin will give a fresh and youthful appearance.

5. Your weight fluctuated
Ever hear the term yo-yo dieting? This is a diet that is done in a way that is not quite right, so the weight that has been dropped can quickly rise again. Then down again when you start a strict diet again, and so on. If your weight left and down repeatedly, can be quickly sagging breasts. Your skin loses elasticity when stretched. And when you lose weight, the first part is going to shrink the breast. Why? Because the main content of the breast is fat.

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