7 Ways To Grow Hair Longer After Shaved

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7 Ways To Grow Hair Longer After Shaved

7 Ways To Grow Hair Longer After Shaved

We all know how to shave, but perhaps we do not yet know how to shave the right order hair grow long. Proper shaving technique is the most important element for the sake of smooth hair free skin condition.

Nathalie Eleni, celebrity beauty therapist and dermatologist from Venus explains that perfect shaving result depending on the process before, during, and after shave that have a direct impact on the softness of the skin as well as the length of time the feathers grow back.
7 Ways To Grow Hair Longer After Shaved

Here are tips for hair grow long after the shorn:

First, use a salt scrub before shaving to remove dead skin cells are trapped in the area fuzz. Start from the ankle towards the top that forms a circular motion. If your skin is quite sensitive, use gloves in the process of peeling to minimize allergic reactions are exaggerated.

Second, wash and soak the body part you want to give oil shaved with natural extracts to hydrate skin and antiperspirants. This step both to facilitate the process of shaving at least up to 60 percent. For the sake of maximum results, add the washed clean shaven area you want to use warm water to avoid wrinkles for 20 minutes using a soap that contains minerals and milk.

Third, apply a gel-type moisturizer products as much as possible before shaving. Make sure when shaving, running water remains on the area of ​​hair and shaving blades to facilitate the work of the shaver.

Fourth, use a razor wisely. This process is very important because the right shaver shave not only alone, but also wear off dead skin cells, while still maintaining the skin's natural moisture. Recommended pick razor containing petrolatum, namely skin protection agents to soften and maintain the moisture content of the skin after being shaved.

Fifth, that the fur grows longer, make sure you shave with the latest knife. In addition to sharp, new razor will be able to reach feathers to the point in the surface layers of the skin and reduce the risk of injury and irritation. You must replace the razor after wearing them, especially if the razor is already dry and uncomfortable. The condition is associated with a razor hair growth significantly.

Sixth, wash the skin after shaving. Do not rub the skin as rough as it will affect the sensitivity of the skin. Extra water with a moisturizer will help to overcome the dryness, cracking conditions, hair growth at the same time.

Seventh, apply body oil made from natural. Should avoid natural body oil containing synthetic fragrances. Try pure coconut or macadamia oil to nourish the skin.

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