How To Prevent Former hat Make Damaged Hair

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How To Prevent Former hat Make Damaged Hair

How To Prevent Former hat Make Damaged Hair

Say goodbye to the curly hair, oily, wrinkled, limp and falling apart, due to the hot weather and the sun in the dry season. Yes, today some areas in Indonesia have started entering the rainy season.

The advantage, obviously you will be able to look attractive without experiencing various hair condition is bad or ugly due to the hot weather. Well, but the cold air during the rainy season was sometimes force you to wear a hat to give a feeling of warmth and avoid getting wet. Fuss, constantly wearing a hat definitely leave a mark, such as mold cap or "hat hair" in your head.
How To Prevent Hair Makes Used hat Kempis

Kattia Solano, a celebrity hairdresser and owner of Butterfly Studio in New York, sharing tips to prevent former hat that makes hair deflated, as well to keep them look attractive when wearing a hat.

Select the appropriate cap model
"You must be ready to deal with two things, namely the model of cap and hair texture," said Solano. Solano recommended for women who want to remain visible hair volume, the choice fell on the model beanie hat (skullcaps). If the cap is felt skullcaps models will make impress flat or limp hair, you should select the type of fedora or large knit hats as worn legendary musician Bob Marley to give the rest of the room and unchanged form on the hair.

Curly-haired woman in need of different kinds of caps
Solano sure that the rest of the room in the cap is necessary for the owners of curly hair. When wearing it, do not put the cap on the head, followed immediately giving the rest of the room on the cap.

"Just in the crown is the main focus, rocking the upper and middle cap to loosen and give the rest of the room. This method is also good that curly hair is not matted and tight pressing your hair, "advises Solano.

Select base material quality cap
If your hair does not want to get caught by the rough cloth while wearing hats, and causes the cuticle interested and ended in destruction, should be careful to choose the basic material cap. Wool has a rough texture which will be bad for curly hair types and normal. Solano advocated a softer elections such as cashmere, silk and angora.

Apply a hair style that fits placement
So that the impression does not happen deflated, Solana suggested to play your hair as forming rolls or crested below the cap. Gulugan increasingly full of hair, it will reduce the pile cap on the hair area. Use a large or medium-sized flops to hold the curler.

Hair thickness will determine the application in this way, but the hair should be dry and already laid out or combed, so not too messy when removing the cap.

Use hair products developer
Generally, the rainy season will not make the hair greasy and limp, and it causes dryness. Select a product developer manifold natural hair serum, cream, or spray, which also contains a moisturizer and gives luster to the hair.

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