Eyebrow trims way Looks So Pretty

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Eyebrow trims way Looks So Pretty

Eyebrow trims way Looks So Pretty

Alis is an important element for makeup. Even with a perfect eyebrow shape, your appearance can be transformed into various expressions. Here are five tricks to make the eyebrows look more neat.
Eyebrow trims way Looks So Pretty

Never Too Much Shaving

The most beautiful brow eyebrow look is full and natural. But often trims eyebrows is with shaved eyebrows until completely bald so it was difficult to grow back.

If you have thin eyebrows, are now widely available planting eyebrows to make the eyebrows look more bushy and full.

Shape according to the character's face

If you absolutely have never merapihkan eyebrows, it's good to ask an expert to do so. Only later you can do the treatment at home. Here are some ways to be able to perform maintenance eyebrows after dirapihkan.

1. Align the plastic liner on the outside of the nose. Mark the end of the inner eyebrows should be in the outer line of your nose.

2. Move the ruler in the direction of the hairline and find the most end point of the ruler.

3. Remove the eyebrows that are outside the area that you have found. That is not too thin, remove the eyebrow only at the bottom of the course.

Cut Eyebrow

In addition to revoke the eyebrows, you can also cut or trimming eyebrows for merapihkannya. Comb with a comb mascara that is no longer used and trim eyebrow hairs whose length exceeds the brow area with small scissors.

Note the color of eyebrows

If you do hair coloring, note also the color of eyebrows. Ensure that no more light brow color or even darker than your hair color.

Choose the right product

Using several products to form eyebrows could also be an easy way to create a form that is not permanent. You can use an eyebrow pencil that is more convenient and easier to use, or use powdered eyeshadow to create a full impression on the brow. To remember, be sure not to put these two products are too thick or your eyebrows will look natural and blend with the overall makeup.

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