Exercising The Right Time To Health

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Exercising The Right Time To Health

Exercising The Right Time To Health

No doubt that exercise is very beneficial for health. In addition to making the body stay fit, exercise can also help burn fat, so well done by anyone, especially for those who want to keep the weight off. However, when is the most appropriate time for you to exercise?

Exercise makes the body fit, muscles, and can prevent the body from various diseases. Besides rid of fat, sweat produced sports is the body's way of removing toxins.
Exercising The Right Time To Health

So what types of exercise are best? There is no definite study, what the best type of exercise for someone. Because each individual has a body shape and physical abilities of its own which makes it fit or not fit with a particular sport.

Lately, the question arises, whether the body of someone coming home exhausted to work, can be brought to exercise? Study the relationship between sleep and exercise conducted at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, proving exercise performed night did not interfere with sleep patterns.

Shawn Youngstedt, the researcher, said the exercise is done one-half hour before bedtime did make the body temperature rises, but does not affect a person's sleep habits. While other research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle found that women who exercise in the morning easier asleep than those who exercise in the evening.

Morning, Benefits

Air pollution and noise in the morning is much lower. It is very good for the lungs, breathing, and circulation.

Cooler temperatures.

Slight disturbances and interruptions caused by work.

More powerful stamina, concentration and endurance for much longer. Fitness was up to 4-10 hours after exercise.

Would have created a habit in the body, such as getting up before an hour of exercise each morning.

Help increase heart rate and metabolism, and burn calories in the body.

More energetic physically, especially for mothers who are still doing homework and taking care of children full day.

Many people are exercising in the morning said, their appetite during the day and downs, even hunger is reduced.

To watch

Lower body temperature and usually in the morning the body is still spry. Morning our body naturally is not powered.

Cold and stiff muscles in the morning susceptible to injury. To that must warm up and stretch before starting to exercise.

Night, Benefits

Most of the body temperature and hormone experienced a peak level at 6 pm. But usually by exercising at least 3 hours after or before it would give endurance and muscle development.

Muscle already warm and flexible.

Relieve stress after work or school.

Research shows, lung function works best at 4-5 pm.

Can reduce your appetite at night.

Which is worth Caution

Many thought disorder and jobs.

At least 3 hours should be silent before the muscle back can be used optimally.

It takes time to empty the stomach.

If you're having trouble sleeping, you have to reschedule your sports watches.

Accident prone because of low light and cooler temperatures.

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