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We don't grow a lot of corn here in Alaska, so the quality of corn in our market is variable. That is why (when we get some extra tasty corn in the produce department) I buy extra and freeze it.

Most older cooks know how to freeze corn on the cob, but there are always NEW cooks out there that need a little tutorial, so here goes:

Pick cobs that are heavy, sweet smelling and have big full kernels. Remove all of the husks and silk, making sure you get as much of the stringy silk off that you can.

Bring a large kettle of water to a boil. Once it is boiling, put three to five ears of cleaned corn into the boiling water and cook (blanch) for five minutes (see note about timer at end of this post).

At the end of five minutes, remove corn from boiling water (using tongs) and place in ice water for two minutes.

After two minutes in ice water, take the cobs out and drain on a towel. Wrap cooled cobs separately in plastic wrap.

Place wrapped cobs in gallon size freezer bag (single layer), label and freeze.

NOTE: You are not actually cooking the corn in the first step. You are partially cooking or blanching it. Put the corn into the boiling water and set your timer for five minutes. The corn won't actually boil for five minutes since the water will stop boiling (for a minute) when you first put the corn in.... that's ok..... just five minutes from the second you put the corn in the boiling water.

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