Oma Podi

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Oma Podi

A perfect, crunchy, crispy and easy  snack to have with hot coffee or Tea in the evening. My MIL's favorite snack. But now a days she scares to eat besan flour items. So I substituted Roasted gram powder.  A healthy flavoured snack with less ingredients.

Ingredients for making Oma podi

Roasted gram flour 4 cups (Pottukadalai maavu)

Raw Rice flour 2 cups

Omam (Ajwain) 1 tb spoon

Red chilli powder 2 tea spoons

Hot oil 2 tb spoons

Salt to taste

Hing powder 1 tea spoon

Oil for deep frying

How to make Omapodi?

1. Powder the roasted gram (Pottukadalai) in a mixie to fine powder, sieve it and keep aside.




2. Powder the Ajwain in mixie finely and sieve it in a tea strainer and keep aside. 


3. In a broad vessel add the rice flour, roasted gram flour, chilli powder, hing powder, Omam powder (ajwain),  salt and ghee and mix well .


  4. Add water  and knead well to soft dough.












5. Take handful of dough and put it into the mould. Once the oil is heated press it on the oil and deep fry it.





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