Do multivitamin supplements cause cancer?

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Do multivitamin supplements cause cancer?

It has become clear that there are unintended outcomes of taking multivitamin supplements that there might be a negative health effect. A large number of people take vitamin and mineral supplements, because they believe it will compensate for all dietary flaws, and will make them healthier.

Over the last half century the supplement industry has instilled into the minds of the general public that vitamin and mineral supplements are harmless, and the more you take the better it is. To be precise, there is a risk if vitamins are used excessively.

Experts say there is surely a place for vitamin and mineral supplements in our diets, but only to fill in the small nutrient gaps. They are “supplements” intended to add the missing nutrients to your diet, not to replace a healthy and wholesome meal. Instead taking extra vitamins “does more harm than good” and increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

While it’s apparent that multivitamin supplements may have alarming effects, the question is, can single vitamin supplements still hold benefits for the body? There are a groups of people who might benefit from supplements because of their distinct nutritional needs:
  • Women of childbearing age need extra calcium and iron trough supplements.
  • Pregnant or lactating women.
  • Growing children and teenagers with irregular eating habits.
  • Old age people with deficiencies.
  • Vegetarians or vegans, as they may be deficient in key nutrients.
  • Dieters or people avoiding certain food groups may need some nutrients in pills form.
  • People with medical conditions and eating disorders.
  • People who often eat fast and processed food.
Many supplements contain active ingredients that have strong biological effects over time and their safety is not assured. Therefore, must remember, just because a supplement is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s more beneficial to your body or will show mild to no side effects.

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