Sabudana / Javvarisi / Sago Kuzhipaniyaram

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Sabudana / Javvarisi / Sago Kuzhipaniyaram

An interesting way to make use of left over dosa batter. Some times we have little dosa or idli batter in stock which may not be sufficient for the breakfast for the whole family. Just add 2 cups of soaked sago to get crispy and brown Kuzhipaniyarams that looks fluffy and tastes yummy...

Recipe to make Sabhudhana / Javvarisi / Sago Kuzhipaniyaram: 

Soak 200 gms or 2 cups of Javvarisi / Sago in water for 8 hours or overnight.
Add the Soaked stuff to the idli or dosa batter and mix well.
Add required salt.
Add finely chopped onions to the batter.
Heat a sauteing pan with 2 tea spoons of oil and mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, curry leaves, green chillies and hing powder.
Add them to the batter. Mix well.

Now the batter is ready to make kuzhi paniyarams.
Heat the appe pan and grease the craters with oil.
Pour the batter into the craters to 3/4 th level
Close the pan with a lid and simmer the stove.
After 5 minutes open the lid and flip off them and drizzle some oil around.
Once the other side is also well cooked to glden colour take them off from the pan.

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