Crispy Thattai ( Rice Crackers)

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Crispy Thattai ( Rice Crackers)

Thattai made of Rice flour and urad dal powder is the traditional snack and festival recipe of South India. We make this for Diwali, Gokulashtami and some times even as evening snack. usually we add red chilli powder for the spiciness and for a change I some times add green chilli paste to get a different flavour and taste...


Pre time : 15 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins

Ingredients for making Thattai (Rice Crackers)

Home made processed Raw Rice Flour 4 cups
Urad dal powder 1/2 cup
Soaked chana dal / Kadalai paruppu 1 table spoon (for 45 minutes soaked in water)
Chopped curry leaves few
Hing powder 1/2 tea spoon
Sal to taste
Butter 2 tb spoons
Green chilli paste or red chilli powder  1 tea spoon
Oil for frying

How to make Thattai ( Rice Crackers)?

Step 1:

In advance soak raw rice 1/2 kg in water for 3 hours, wash well and place the rice in a strainer.
Then spread it on a cloth till becomes dry.
Powder it finely in a mixer and sieve it well to remove any granules or lumps.
In a pan dry roast the rice flour till it becomes just warm stirring continuously.
After it gets cooled down store in a dry air tight box.
It can be used at any time.

Step 2

In a pan dry roast required white urad dal till it becomes light brown and powder it finely, sieve it and store in a air tight box and refrigerate. It can be stored even for 3 months.

Step 3:

In a broad pan add rice flour, urad dal powder, butter, green chilli paste, hing powder, salt to taste, chopped curry leaves, soaked chana dal and mix well.
Add required water and make a tight dough like roti dough.

Grease a plastic sheet or aluminium foil with oil.
Heat oil for frying in a pan.
Take goose berry size balls from the dough, place them on the greased sheets and flatten them to thin circles. Poke them with a fork or tooth pick.
Once the oil is heated , keep the flame to medium and drop the thattais into the oil ( 5 to7)
Fry them on both sides to crispy and golden colour and take out.

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