Kathirikkai / Brinjal Kichadi

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Kathirikkai / Brinjal Kichadi

Kathirikkai Kichadi is the traditional and special side dish made in Tirunelveli for idlis. It is usually served for breakfasts with idlis in marriage feasts. It tastes extremely good when made with white brinjals.

Pre time : 10 mins
Cooking time ; 15 to 30 mins
Serves: 4

Ingredients for  Kathirikkai / Brinjal Kichadi :

White brinjals 6 chopped to small cubes
Chopped onions from 1 onion
Chopped tomatoes from 2 ripened ones
Green chillies 4 or 5 chopped
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Oil 4 tea spoons

For tempering:

Oil 2 tea spoons
Mustard seeds 1/2 tea spoon
Urad dal 1 tea spoon
Curry leaves
Finely chopped shallots / baby onions  5

For grinding:

Grated coconut 2 tb spoons
Shallots / baby onions 4
Cumin seeds 1/2 tea spoon
grind these three ingredients to coarse mixture with little water and keep aside.

How to make Kathirikkai / Brinjal Kichadi?

Heat a pan with oil and fry onions and green chillies for 2 minutes. Then add the curry leaves and brinjal pieces and fry for another three minutes.

Add the tomato pieces and required salt.
Let the brinjal get cooked with the moisture in the tomatoes with stirs for few minutes.
Pour three cups of water.

Wait till the veggies are well cooked to soft.
Mash the stuff well with the laddle.
Check out for salt and hotness. 

Add the coconut mixture to the boiling stuff and mix well.
Do the tempering in a sauteing pan with the given items and add to the pan.
Switch off the stove.

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