10 most handsome actors in Hollywood movies

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10 most handsome actors in Hollywood movies

Beauty is relative and usually varies from individual to individual. But when an actor is considered super hot by millions of people, then you better believe there's something really special going on there. 

Hollywood hunks have a way of lighting up our world through the silver screen, and leaving us with an impression that can last forever.

For now we are checking out the 10 most handsome actors in Hollywood currently. You can be the judge of their hotness—deal? 

A-list actors with hypnotic screen appeal have been the buzz for decades now. What will the movie world be without the hot actors that leave their mark on the industry in the most exciting of ways. 

Over time the hottest actors in the world have changed. Some say they are getting hotter and sexier,while others believe the hunky actors from the classic Hollywood movies are the true hotties of any era because even now, they still manage to haunt us with their often mysterious beauty.

Big question —who are the sexiest actors today?  Big answer—the following male stars are our top "10 choices for this hard to be on" list. 

Brace yourself and have a cold soda hand because the Heat's about to get turned up right here.

1. Chris Hemsworth
          Hot Chris Hemsworth
Former World's sexiest man—Thor. We're still swooning.

2. Ryan Reynolds
            Ryan Gosling sexiest
Most powerful romantic—Brown haired Canadian hunk. 
We're  panting for more.

3. Denzel Washington.   Denzel Washington handsome
Training day—Glory
Double Oscar winner and a smile that warms your heart—then sets it racing.

4. Henry Cavill
          Henry Cavil sexy
Superman—we'll always need saving.

5. Channing Tatum
             Channing Tatum handsome man
 Chiseled physic—dreamy hunk
Mind blowing Instagram pics.

6. George Clooney
             George Clooney sexiest men
Silver haired beauty—chocolate eyed hottie.
We never tire of looking at this man.

7. Justin Timberlake
              Justin Timberlake handsome men
Screen star plus music star—the smoothest and most Rythymic hunk in Hollywood. We're crying a river.

8. Idris Elba
              Idris Elba sexiest men
Luther—James Bond?

 One word—sizzling!

9. Brad Pitt
              Brad Pitt hottest Hollywood actor
Mr and Mrs Smith—Fight Club

Dazzling eyes—Million dollar smile.

Never fading charm—We're smitten.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio
              Leonardo DiCaprio world's most handsome actors
Titanic—Wolf of Wall Street.
We're  hooked.

Well here they are ladies and gentleme: The 10 most handsome actors in Hollywood today.  We're honoured and entertained by their talent, and enthralled by their beauty.

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