Does Garri Cause Eye problems?

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Does Garri Cause Eye problems?

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Garri is a starchy food that is gotten when cassava is grated, squeezed and fried till it is dry. Garri is made in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries. It can be cooked and eaten with soup  while others prefer to eat it as a snack, with cold water, groundnut and sugar.

Contrary to popular belief, Garri doesn't cause eye problems. This misunderstanding came about when students who went to boarding schools came home wearing lenses. The General population being ignorant on the causes of eye problems associated it to the eating of garri. Till today, this belief is still popular among the masses. 
The use of lenses can be caused by a number of problems such Vitamin Adeficiency, straining the eyes by being too close to a TV/Screen or reading in dim light/ or darkness. Sometimes, its heriditory.

Cameroon Postline conducted an interview with a renowned Medical Doctor ( Dr Zachs Ebongo Nanje) and he dismissed the link between Garri and Blindness. 

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