Top 5 hottest blonde models in the world now

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Top 5 hottest blonde models in the world now

Do blondes really have more fun? Being blonde can be something special. But being blonde and beautiful can be one of the hottest assets in the world today. I know you all may not agree with me, but after you see the hot blonde beauties on this top five list, you just may change your mind.

These ladies are conspicuously blonde and distractingly hot!  They are the top 5 hottest blonde models in the world now. 

And who better to help me showcase the hotness of being golden haired than models? Yes you got that right. Not only are the following 5 women some of the most popular and sought after models in earth, some of them are widely considered to be amongst the sexiest women in the world. And apart from being A list Celebrity models, they all have one thing in common—lustrous blonde manes. 

Well people! Lets not keep these gorgeous ladies waiting. Beginning with the fifth hottest, meet the most beautiful blonde models on earth. 

5. Gigi hadid
    Gigi Hadid hottest models

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
      Rosie Huntington Whiteley hottest blonde models

3. Martha Hunt    
        Martha Hunt hottest blonde models in the world

2. Candice Swanepoel
          Candice swanepoel sexiest models

1. Kate upton
            Kate Upton beautiful blonde models

Take note of this—being blonde does not translate to being dumb. In case you're wondering, these women have risen to the top of their profession by being extremely hardworking, talented and dedicated to their art. Being stunning didn't hurt their careers either. 

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