Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson going public with romance

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Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson going public with romance

Is Hollywood actor Brad Pitt finally tired of being in Angelina Jolie's spell?  Stubborn Jolie has certainly made really ugly drama of their separation and divorce. But insiders have also reported that she has expressed her wish to be with Brad again. It appears her undecided attitude has finally worn Brad down and out. He has decided to move on.
New flame: Although they've been romantically linked for some time, Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are now reportedly set to reveal their romance to the public.
Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson romance
While he's previously walked the red carpet with exes Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, Brad's debut with 37-year-old Kate will be a more strategic and low-key affair.

According to an insider: "They know that if they are seen having a few flirty moments, the news will leak out." So to put all the rumors to rest, they've decided to boldly go public. 
Kate Hudson dating Brad Pitt
Although they've tried to keep their romance private while Brad's divorce and custody battle with Ange raged on, it's the support he received at last month's Golden Globes that seems to be reason the 55-year-old Allied star now wants to go public with Kate. The Allied actor discovered that people were on his side and not Angie's.

"The support and applause he received at the Golden Globes was a shock and pleasant surprise. It made him realise Hollywood is generally on his side concerning his divorce. He's tired on being Angelina's prisoner."

Just barely a month ago Brad and Angelina met in New Orleans and had a talk. Whatever transpired during that meeting obviously didn't make enough impact on Pitt to make him trust Jolie again. 

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