Inji Rasam (Ginger Rasam)

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Inji Rasam (Ginger Rasam)

A delicious, herbal rasam that gives a great relief to sore throat and helps in digestion. The flavour of Ginger blending with the freshly ground spices gives a wonderful aroma and taste. This rasam can also be had  in a cup as  appetizer...

  • Pre time: 07 mins
  • Cooking time: 15 mins
  • Serves: 4

Ingredients for making Ginger Rasam:

  • Tamarind juice 500 ml extracted from a small lemon size  Tamarind
  • Tomatoes 2
  • Turmeric powder
  • Oil 1 tea spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Jagerry a small piece
  • Ginger piece measuring  2 inch size after peeling
  • Mustard seeds for seasoning
  • Curry leaves for garnishing

For Inji Rasam Powder:
Heat a wok with 2 tea spoons of oil. Fry 2 tea spoons coriander seeds, 1 tea spoons thur dal, 1 tea spoon chana dal, 1 tea spoon pepper corns and 2 red chillies till the dals become well roasted. Grind them to powder adding 1 tea spoon cumin seeds and keep aside.

Method for making Inji / Ginger Rasam:

In a pan boil tamarind juice with chopped tomatoes, turmeric powder and salt. 
Peel off the skin of ginger and mash it with a hammer or heavy object  and add to the boiling tamarind juice. (If you grind ginger and add to rasam, it will give very strong flavor which you may not like)

Let it boil till the tamarind juice becomes half in quantity. By the time the essence of ginger would have blended well.
Now add the rasam powder to the boiling stuff and required water. Add the jagerry piece and curry leaves. When the rasam comes bubbling switch off the stove. Saute it with mustard seeds in a tea spoon of oil.The hot and spicy Inji /Ginger rasam is ready to slurp..

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