Top 5 hottest Celebrity bikini bodies(Photos)

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Top 5 hottest Celebrity bikini bodies(Photos)

It doesn't get any hotter than a hot Celebrity wearing a 'barely there bikini'. Some of these women are so sizzling they seem to burn up the beach sand as they glide sexily over it. 

Going to the beach has always been fun, but these celebrities put sexy back into the whole beach and bikini experience. They have the hottest Celebrity bikini bodies you have ever seen. 

Some of the following photos literally broke the internet, or at least made it pause in awe.
Don't blame the mortals. I mean you've got to be a brick wall not to feel the impact of these dazzling stars in there designer beach wear. 

From top models to Singers to TV personalities, these hot stars have one thing in common—the ability to set pulses racing and tongues wagging with their amazing bodies. Try to keep your heart steady—these are our top 5 hottest celebs ever spotted in a bikini. 

Let's hit the beach!

5. Kelly Brook (TV presenter)
Kelly Brook hottest Celebrity bikini bodies

4. Rihanna (Singer/actress/model/entreprenuer)
Rihanna hottest Celebrity bikini bodies

3. Kate Upton (Model)
Kate Upton hottest Celebrity bikini bodies

2. Kim Kardashian (Reality TV star/enterprenuer)
Kim Kardashian hottest bikini bodies

1. Kylie Jenner (Model) 
Kylie Jenner hottest bikini Bodies

And the hotties keep getting better. And we keep sighing in wonder. But remember this—don't  ever let these photos make you feel less hot. Instead use them as inspiration to take better care of your body. We are all beautiful—we sometimes need to work at it. All if us. Even these hot celebs in their bikinis work overtime to look this good.

So get this; Love your body—take care of it—and love it even more.

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