Benefits of Limnocharis flava (Genjer, yellow velvetleaf) For Your Health

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Benefits of Limnocharis flava (Genjer, yellow velvetleaf) For Your Health

Limnocharis flava (English: yellow sawah lettuce, yellow burr head or yellow velvetleaf, Indonesian: genjer, Javanese: gènjèr, Lao phak khan chong, Tagalog: cebolla de chucho, Vietnamese: kèo nèo or cù nèo) is a species of aquatic flowering plant which is native to Mexico, Central America, South America, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic but widely naturalized in southern and southeastern Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Assam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and southern China (Guangdong, Yunnan)).

Limnocharis flava is roughly 50 cm tall. growing in clumps. Its triangular-shaped leaves and hollow stems are glabrous. Its inflorescences have a very characteristic shape, producing three-lobed yellow flowers about 1.5 cm in diameter. The fruits are spherical. Although it is not a floating plant, its seeds are carried away by currents.

Yellow velvetleaf grows generally wherever there is not very deep stagnant fresh water, in swampy areas. It sometimes invades rice fields where it can become a weed. As an invasive species it has become a pest in some wetlands in other parts of the world.

What are Benefits of Limnocharis flava (Genjer, yellow velvetleaf) For Your Health

1. Able Genjer Rejuvenate the body's cells

In Genjer contained in protein content that can produce good cells contained within our bodies. Ie, as we already know that our bodies produce millions of cells every day, to replace cells that are not functioning. Well, this protein is what can be instrumental in helping the production of the body's cells.

2. As the reserves of energy in the body

Not for his bad fats, there are good functions of fat on the food that is needed by our bodies, for example the fat on genjer also acts as the body's energy reserves. Provides additional energy when we are exhausted.

3. Make bones stronger

Genjer also contains calcium. If the children of calcium plays a role in bone growth, unlike the case with adults calcium plays a role in strengthening bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Based on personal experience, that my parents had often felt pains in his joints and then consume genjer. In just one day the genjer benefits already can feel that pain in the joints will be lost.

4. Can Prevent colon cancer and prevent constipation

Colon cancer usually occurs due to improper diet and the impact due to the not smooth digestion. Genjer contains high fiber so as to function in digestion. Someone who consume genjer regularly, it is certain that he will be away from the risk of colon cancer. In addition, a study suggests that people who regularly consume genjer will not be affected by constipation (constipation).

5. curating the risk of heart disease and cancer

The content of polyphenols in genjer can act as antioxidants, this content can prevent heart disease and cancer.
That genjer efficacy and benefits for our health.

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