Words that Harleys Flirt

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Words that Harleys Flirt

Words that Harleys Flirt

Usually the guys most likes to make words or utter crap word trite romantic seduction abis in front of a girl Utawa gebetannya. Many collection Words Flirt Gombal Harleys written and spoken, as I write here for you who want air-Crap-Gembel girls.

Definitely want to know it, so immediately wrote deh readable collection of crap that gokil words following, a little word seduction gokil once wrote that crap that could be a moment are ye made to woo someone:

Words Flirt Gombal the Harleys

# Words # Gombal Harleys

According to Einstein, energy is mass times the square of the speed of light. According to me, it is your energy ..

If now is dated October 28, 1928, I will change the script a Youth Pledge Pledge I Love You ..

Gak Tau?! BMG: Meteorology, Geophysics, changed its name to OMG after looking bright as your face ..

Struggle such as Mario Bros, should slay dragons and monsters for dapetin kura2 love of km Mr. MY Daughter ..

Dear! this morning I can not eat because merindukn km, noon jg ill eat because I think of you & ill bs night sleep because of hunger ..

If I were the sea, so you fish,
I'm so beetles, so you flowers,
I became the sun, you so earth,
I got the ring finger, do you want it cicinnya jd?

Smile you're rich server twitter, the more clay you smile more I love making over-capacity ..

Papa we deh different GSM card, the origin of the name later we're in the same family CARDS ..

Love is like a drug: once tried so addictive, do not try to make curious, was left to make a withdrawal.

If you are the Earth, then I is its atmosphere, which is at all times to protect you from illness and comet meteor attack.

You're more special than Halley's Comet which appeared 76 years. Because you appear one time in my life and irreplaceable.

Maybe I'm the world's worst goalkeeper, allowing you to find the net over and over again with your love.

Four of five perfectly healthy. I really do not feel the perfection that was before I feel your love ..

The reply of itungan until ten, Her love I to you only until two. Duaaaalem really ..

The reply of itungan until ten, Her love I to you only until six. Enambaaah continues ..

I do not want to be "number one" in your heart, I want, I "only one" in your heart ..

You tuh deh strange, though you often make me upset but what I think I love you all the days grow ya?

Weve guy most like to watch football, but if I'd rather you nontonin eyeball ..

# Words # Flirt Gombal Jayus

- You can not diem?
- Why the hell?
- Diem wrote in my heart I need not go anywhere else.

- You tuh Jakarta rich if raining.
- How so?
- Make my brain because FLOOD LOSS mind about you.

- Got a plastic bag?
- Why?
- I'm going to throw up, spew all this pent-up feeling of love for you.

- Telephone number RSJ how? Cepet!
- Who is crazy?
- Me, I'm madly in love with your beauty.

- I want to be an architect deh.
- Weve why?
- I can design a beautiful future with you.

- If you watch the same loss
- How so?
- I do not know the story, which I watched your face does not a movie.

- Bring the cables do not?
- For what?
- To discharge the high voltage love from me to you.

- Neng, you often pass here huh?
- How to know?
- Trace your steps imprint in my heart

- Perhaps you do not ask for photos?
- Why?
- Want me to taro in wedding invitations me later.

- Tau why not tonight ga star?
- Why?
- He minder with you because you were more beautiful light.

- Tau bitter coffee why not?
- Why?
- Actually was sweet, but the sweetness of moving to your face.

- You have 1 ton of cement ga?
- Ga, for what?
- Create build the palace of love we both

- I want to make a tattoo, but not in the body
- Then where?
- In my heart, carving your name tatto

- Know ye not different from the same formula?
- What?
- The formula is difficult to remember, if you're hard to forget

- Just now do not you feel the earthquake?
- Not tuh
- Oh, it turns out that shocks my heart because you deket again.

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