Definition PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate

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Definition PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate

Definition PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate 

Definition PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate etc. Some weeks I get a lot of insight about online business world after so long without letting my blog monetized makes blogwalking activities and ngeblogpun be less enthusiasm. Lucky I still have some draft article stored and ready to be launched so it is not too confusing me to update the article.

Given would saturation, then I took the initiative in other ways. That is to chat with other fellow bloggers for refreshing at the same time looking for ways about online business.
Definition PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate

From the results of the chat, I got a lot of new terms of business programs for bloggers / Internet Marketing Blogger. Here are 7 Term Online Business Programs Available on the Internet:
Definition PTR

PTR stands paid to review. This means that someone is going to get paid when people do the job of the advertiser on a particular product. next job review is received by a maker of review done alone and later results of your review should be posted on the blog itself.

To register your blog to the PTR was using some terms usually Pagerank great and good traffic as a major capital, and some require no premium is required to wear a blog as well as English-language articles

Definition of PTC 

PTC stands for Pay To Click, paid means we get paid to click on ads that have been provided by the advertiser / advertiser. Our task click on the ads that have been provided by the service provider PTC and silence for 30 seconds before switching to another ad

understanding PPC 

Pay Per Click or PPC is usual in short internet advertising model used on websites where advertisers pay website owners only when their ad is clicked and the blog owner will be paid by the advertisers through a broker for each ad clicked by visitors to their blog.

The principle is as ngekosin home, in this case the PPC renting some space for your website advertising your cooperation and help deliver ads paid for them

understanding CPM 

CPM Cost Per Million or are you going to get paid every ad you've posted 1000 times. Almost the same with PPC but if PPC is based on standard click, but CPM is based on number of views by unique visitors or more simply from the search engines.

Definition PTR 2nd 

Compelled me to distinguish which one is the PTR PTR first.
2nd PTR ​​Paid To Read This is where we get paid to read and rate or assessment on the articles they provide.

The way it works is similar to PTC, but the pay is a little big. If in PPC usually pay $ 0.001 per click but PTR is paying $ 0,01- $ 0.2 or 1-20 cents per article. Daily average there are dozens of articles available to read. If the balance we have reached $ 50, then the payment can be made ​​through paypal or another.

understanding Affiliate 

Understanding affiliate is a system of cooperation between the publisher and advertiser ad where if the transaction successfully register or buy the product.
Some people mentioned that the affiliate is the same as the referral, ie buy a product from someone who mereferensikannya to us.

understanding PTS 
PTS or Paid To Surf means we get paid for the surf of the search engines with keywords that they provide and the link destination. But many say that the PTS business is a lot of scam.

That little understanding of the suite of online business listings, probably many more. But before running an online business, we must have that name as a means of paypal transactions we will. See how the list of paypal

Hopefully we can choose from a variety of online businesses available at the top and sort them to get the best results for your business. Perhaps there are many various online business services are available for the bloggers and netizens, yes please plus an online business model that is not listed above in the comments section.

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Hopefully can provide benefits to all of you . Okay , so the posting of our Health - Recipes Care- this time.

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