The Things That Cause Blog Google Panda Exposed

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The Things That Cause Blog Google Panda Exposed

The Things That Cause Blog Google Panda Exposed 

Okay, now about why your site or blog can be affected by google panda and penguin google? There are some things that might cause the affected our blog:

1 Over Optimization
Excessive SEO can be something that is not good for our blog. A blogger sometimes excessive in this case. For example, when commenting on dofollow blogs too intensive, but does it need to be done fairly, and Balance also commenting on nofollow blogs.
The Things That Cause Blog Google Panda Exposed

2 high keyword density. 
An example is a blog article that too much to repeat the words and the same sentence, whereas it big zero. It could potentially be considered spam google affected penguins. All you need do is to increase the variation of the word not by repeating the existing sentence.

3 Viruses and malware 
For example, we will open the site turns out to contain malware that site, so Google gives us a warning before entering into the blog. It could even be banned if our blog a lot of reports about the presence of malware on our blog. To find out please sign in to your Google webmaster tools, there will be known whether or not there is a virus or malware.

4 The high bounce rate. 
Arguably the bounce rate is the ratio between the number of visitors to the opening page (pageviews) blog post. Blogs that light, the article interesting, unique and interesting will open up more opportunities pageviews higher. Here, the incoming visitors could be open more than one or even 10 blog post. The more visitors opened our posts, the lower the bounce rate of your blog. There is a specific formula to calculate it, so if the bounce rate is lower, then the better the eye of your blog on google. The higher the bounce rate, the more at risk we are exposed to the impact of blogs google panda and penguin and thrown away into the backyard google search. You can see this in the blog stats, for example, my friend can use the free Google Analytics service. The fix is to create interesting articles and blog loading lightweight so that visitors feel at home.

5. Duplicate Content 
The similarity of the title and the entire contents of the article could also have an impact on our blog. Therefore, do not copy and paste the raw contents of other people's blog posts. Google is now very smart, and very hated that name duplication aka copy and paste the article article. So what if we post original homemade but does not make the initial page of google, and dicopas by other blogs but it makes the first page for example? My advice blog please copy and paste the report into Google's DMCA.

6 There is a link on our blog or to the blog or website that has been Banned by Google 
It is also being debated, we must be careful and should know, what blogs are getting banned by Google, so do not step on the origin of the link. We do not know that it actually tancapan links we put in the blog that has been getting banned by Google.

7 Many Broken Link 
Broken link least in hate google panda, when a blog there are many broken links, so be prepared gets pinalty google, why is this happening? Obviously the reason, Make disappointed readers. Ntah what happens when you give a link to the reader but it was not a link or death, then the person kesalkah? If so, as well as google.

8 detected with the same IP 
Nyepam in your blog with the same IP as your blogspot nyepam everywhere, this well will also get swept pinalty google.

9 Internal Links excessive that it becomes a link scheme 
Internal links are important but if overdone it turns out to be fatal. How not, pinalty GOOGLE prize. We must wisely provide internal links, internal links do not get it would backfire for our own blog. To anticipate this, you must create an internal link to posts setema.

10 Mimicking or cheating specific domain 
It also hate google, for example you have a blog chili, then you create a blog that has notabenenya others theme, so for example you blogcabemanis. This is clearly a danger because google will menfinalty you as plagiarism domain.

11. Hiding links or hidden links 
You want to cheat, then google will also give the gift pinalty google. Hiding a link not only to make the reader be confused, but also impressed cheat, then it is appropriate that the fraudsters contact pinalty google.

And much more, bottom line is we make a quality article, do not deceive the reader and does not confuse the reader. So a little explanation about the things that can cause the affected blogs google panda. I hope my friend can understand my words. hehehe. Regards ..

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