Download Desktop Screen Recorder Software

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Download Desktop Screen Recorder Software

Download Desktop Screen Recorder Software

There are currently quite a lot of tutorials (learning) a variety of things on the computer are displayed in video format. Any activity on the computer screen recorded, including voice (audio) which then results can be stored and viewed as regular video, making it easier for others to learn.
Process on a computer screen activity often known as Screen Recording. How do we make such a video? Here dijeaskan 4 free program (freeware) to record screen activity (screen recording).

1. CamStudio

This is one of the open source software that is quite popular and probably the best in its class. The official website is This software will record screen activity, including audio. Its use is also quite easy in addition to the simple interface. The resulting video format is the standard AVI.
Download Desktop Screen Recorder Software

Here are some features of CamStudio, among others:

Record the entire display screen, specific areas
Able to display the Cursor to provide color / different sign
Can record audio from speakers or microfone, the format / quality can be set
The results can be converted into SWF (Flash Video)
Computer resources needed low
AutoPan facility to automatically record certain areas in accordance with the position of the cursor (mouse pointer), which can be set speed.
Various features can be accessed in the Keyboard Shortcut (HotKey)
Screen Annotations, to annotate the text in the resulting video
Equipped with CamStudio Player to run the tapes

2. Jing

Jing is an application created by TechSmith, SnagIt maker and CamTasio Studio. This program can be said to be a lite version (compact) the two programs because it has two features that Capture Image (PNG) and also Screen Recording which generates SWF video format.
If you want to focus the video for the web site (in SWF format), this program may be good enough, in addition we can also upload the results in address that provide free space up to 2 GB.
However, to use this application, we have to join (sign up) to, thus requiring an internet connection. Although the size of this application is only about 4.9 MB, but we have to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, the size is about 50 MB (for Windows XP down). For WIndows Vista has included the .NET Framework 3.0.
More information and download

3. Free Screen Recorder

This program may be a program that has the smallest size (only about 592 KB) and can record screen activity including audio (sound) and the resulting standard AVI video format.
Download Desktop Screen Recorder Software

Here features more Free Screen Recorder:

Record screen activity, including audio (voice)
Available HotKey to record, Pause and stop recording
Record a specific area or the whole screen windows
Setting the video, including video codec, framerate, audio codec and frequency.
Mouse activity can be shown / hidden
Simple interface like CamStudio
Installation file size small (about 592 KB)
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4. TipCam

As with previous programs, TipCam able to record all screen windows or certain areas. This application may be slightly different from the previous programs, and perhaps at first a little difficult in the setting.
Some features TipCam

Record screen activity, including video / movie that is being executed
Share results in or upload videos to youtube
Record into FLV or AVI format
Display minibar when recording
Facilities Pan (follow the cursor), Zoom
Add handwriting or drawing with the cursor
Being able to run the FLV files (Flash video)
Cut off the beginning or end of the video produced.
Information and Download

Of the four software above, which I have tried and succeeded is CamStudio and Free Screen Recorder. For TipCam several attempts proved unsuccessful. there seems to be a problem with the video driver. While Jing, after the installation process required to create a new account (login), then I do not proceed, because of how troublesome each run must log in first. In addition to focusing Jing seems to make video for distribution through the web browser.

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