How to whiten face with Fast and Naturally

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How to whiten face with Fast and Naturally

How to whiten face with Fast and Naturally

  Have white skin becomes a dream every person, whether it's women or men. Many people are willing to do anything dem get a smooth white face. There are go to a doctor with a great cost no bleach, no injections and much more. But no lasting that there actually damage the skin. More bai try  natural ingredients that you can make and if alone.

By making traditional ingredients guaranteed more potent and do not make your pocket holes course. But before making a potion you first need to know your skin type. So you can do a maximum treatment course.
How to whiten face with Fast and Naturally

Traditional ways whiten face
Whiten Natural Face

Type - Type Skin

1. Normal Skin
Normal skin generally has tingkan dryness and humidity standards. so that normal skin is usually very rarely get into trouble on the skin. So that when the process whitens skin, normal skin tends to be easier. Her skin looks a bit dry but not too dry besides also look smoother skin.

2. Oily Skin
Oily skin has traits - traits that shiny face. Her skin to produce more oil. So sometimes for oily skin is very difficult to wear it up because it will be easier to fade. However, the skin will tend to be younger because moisture is maintained. Although the difficulty a lot of dirt and can clog pores causing acne. Well then of the people who have oily skin at high risk of acne. So often - often to wash your face, especially after traveling and wear makeup.

3. Dry Skin
For dry skin moisturizer is recommended for ever wear to keep skin smooth and moist awake theta, so the skin is maintained and away from wrinkles. The skin tends to be dry even seen his face sometimes looks scaly.

Things - things to consider

For dry skin do not all - time or too often wash your face with warm water because it will make the skin more dry. But for oily skin it is recommended to use warm water.
For dry skin is more preferred to use a mask once a week minimum use milk cleanser and toner as well. but for that you should not greasy.
Choosing the Right Treatment Natural Mask

1. Normal Skin
for normal skin is not too problematic anyway you want to use any natural mask. provided that thereafter disusi and cleaned. but well-made memtimun, carrots, potatoes etc.
2. Oily Skin
Highly recommended for oily skin make natural mask of pineapple or Lime. Other materials that can be used is a white egg, Egg Yolk, and honey
3. Dry Skin
Fortunately, dry skin you can make a mask of avucado, yam, banana and fruit - Other fruits. In addition, a mask that contains flour is also very good

Immediately we Tips to whiten face.

How to Whiten Face Naturally

1. Lime
Benefits of Lime for Beauty
Lime juice

Tea that has condensed overnight
olive oil
Lime juice
Sandalwood oil
The trick
Combine all the above ingredients was then spread to the face
Gently massage the face
Let stand for about 45 minutes
Rub your face with clean hands when the mixture is dry so that all dirt lifted.
Wash with soap, then rinse again with warm water then cold water premises.
then wipe the face with a dry towel and gently
2. Yam
Benefits Bengkoang For Beauty
Sari Bengkoang

Suda yam cleaned and shredded
The trick
Take lemon juice every morning every day yam your face
Rinse with warm water to open the pores - pore facial
Wash with soap
Rinse with cold water to close the pores - facial pores
3. Cucumber
Cucumber Benefits For Beauty
Cucumber juice

The trick
Grate and squeeze the juice of cucumber until we can be
Combine the milk and input into the bottle
shake and let stand for 3 to 4 hours
Strain the mixture and store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh
Use every evening after doing all sorts of activities
Let stand for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water
Wash with facial foam and then wash with cold water
4. Potatoes
Benefits of Potatoes For beauty
Potato juice

The material
Some Fruit Chips
The trick
Grate the potatoes until then wring it out and take the juice
Use each before sleep
Allow 20 minutes
And as always wash with warm water and wash again with cold water
5. Water Rice
Benefits of Rice Water For Beauty
water Rice

When washing the rice certainly held the rest of the rice water. Well do not be discarded but to settle sari sari store rice. Then use on the face like a mask every day.

Easy right? Natural Ways to whiten face above But you must ask - ask why emotion do the rinsing process ribel to 3 stages. this is because when rinsing with warm water first stage is that the pore - open pores after pore facial - facial pores open pores can be cleaned with soap and face up to them. nah so that no dust or dirt again coming close again pores - pores with cold water.

That way Naturally whiten face. There are so many natural ways you can do for a variety of treatments. Remember the natural way is better because it does not contain a lot of chemicals. So much for the first discussion of my article today. If this article useful for you let's share keteman - your friends so that they also know and do not forget to like it ..

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