Why should move to a new domain name

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Why should move to a new domain name

Why should move to a new domain name

Why should move to a new domain name? Perhaps the question that's on your mind today.

There are many factors that make us want to move from a domain to a new domain before her, one of them is the use of the word Wakaka which is somewhat problematic. This is the main factor that made us decide to move the domain.
Why should move to a new domain name

Besides other reasons related to SEO.

Well, we get into the technical part of how to move a website to the new website in the best way.

For that you can follow the ways that we do the following.

Make sure you've found a new domain name first.
Make sure you make a backup of files and databases (download everything and keep it carefully).
Copy all the files that have been backed up to a new domain, or if you do not want to bother, just ask for help to the Technical Support where you rent a domain and hosting to change the domain name of the hosting that you rent today.
Customizing the URL and PATH in the old database to the new website website. This is most important, then how? Do a find and replace on a .sql file that you backup before her already. Open the file with your favorite editor, the example we use Notepad ++
Example: search and Replace with http://www.tutorial-webdesign.com http://www.wakakadesign.com
do also change the PATH file
Example: find / home / Wakaka replace the / home / tutorials
Once all the files are in the new server, when you import it .sql files that have been adjusted its URL and PATH to the new database.
Do not forget to set the database configuration file, because we use WordPress, so we do the configuration in the file wp-config.php
Done, now you have a new website can be accessed with a new domain name.
Relating With SEO
Because the old site was already known to others, and Google had already indexed URLs in the old domain, it should be when the other person accessing the URLs in the old domain then he will be redirected or redirected to the new domain so that the article remains legible, would be redundant if when others accessing that he found was Server Not Found, or File Not Found.
We must keep our website SEO remains good despite being moved domain

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Hopefully can provide benefits to all of you . Okay , so the posting of our Health - Recipes Care- this time.

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