7 Identify Body Parts Most Powerful Women Aging

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7 Identify Body Parts Most Powerful Women Aging

7 Identify Body Parts Most Powerful Women Aging

It is common knowledge that since young women should take care of all the beauty of her skin. Not just a matter of mere routine, but this suggestion is very effective in preventing premature aging problems easily occur.

But you know, there are seven female body part most rapidly aging compared to other body parts. I was so bad, the seventh part of the body can make you look much women look older than actual age.
7 Identify Body Parts Most Powerful Women Aging

Let's identify the seven parts of the body most rapidly aging women so that you can know how to anticipate, starting from now.

Not just growth of gray hair or gray hair and white indicating age. Exposure to sunlight, the application of chemical products such as coloring, hair straightening, or curling, will make damaged hair.

That hair is not prone to aging and damaged, immediately do regular maintenance to maintain the health condition and thickness of hair. Thin and stiff hair should avoid all methods of styling that makes the hair will be damaged.

Female body part most rapidly aging one is hand. Because the part of this one is almost always exposed to sun exposure, although you always cover it with a long-sleeved clothing.

It is recommended, when you apply sunscreen on the body, do not forget to apply also in the back and the palm of the hand. Indeed, the skin in the area of ​​the hands is thinner than the skin in areas of the body, so always take care to use a moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin in the area of ​​the hand.

As described by many health experts leather, knee area is part of the body that actually require plastic surgery to prevent aging. Age with age, the skin loses its elasticity knee area so the longer the skin will look flabby and wrinkled.
In order for the knee area of ​​skin aging is not easy, try doing exercises that will support the skin elastitas like lunges and squats movement. Apply body firming and sunscreen after bathing.

Some say if a person can not hide the age of the neck area of ​​skin conditions. The assumption is true, because the neck is very sensitive skin when exposed to sunlight. The skin is very sensitive neck area also pulled, wrinkles, and wrinkles. Not surprisingly, the neck is one of the seven parts of the body most rapidly aging women.

Apply cream, mask, and moisturizer you use on your face to to the neck as well. Perform massage treatment method that is able to stimulate that area is not easy sagging neck skin.

Like the hands, feet area were not spared as an indicator of aging. Especially for those who love sun-drenched day. Wear closed shoes were not guaranteed to make the skin area of ​​the foot is not damaged. Perform routine foot spa and pedicure treatments will maintain the skin's natural moisture away from dryness and wrinkles.

Area cleavage
Perhaps many do not know if the cleavage area prone to aging. In addition to aging and exposure to sunlight, the skin is often forgotten area to be treated. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen in the chest to prevent black spots due to skin pigmentation.

Elbow dry, wrinkled and flabby skin is a sign of aging. Routine applying moisturizer and sunscreen and serum collagen in the elbow area will help prevent aging.

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