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Besides cooking tomato can be used to enhance your beauty.Daily use of tomato products will give you a healthy and beautiful skin .Apply tomato on the skin revives the glow to the skin.It contains high amount of vit C which is known to brighten skin.Tomato seed oil is also used for the treatment of skin problem like eczema .It is also helpful in treating dry skin.It absorb oxygen and prevent the sign of aging.It provides an amazing natural skin treatment .It contains an antioxidant which act as a natural sunscreen .It has natural astringent and bleaching properties ,it removes dead skin cells.

(1)--Take half tomato and sprinkle some sugar on it and rub gently on your skin in circulation motion for few minutes and wash off with fresh water .It will remove dead skin cells.Do twice a week to get glowing skin.

(2) Tomatoes are best for oily skin.Rub tomato slice on the skin till the juice absorb in the skin.Rinse off after 10 minutes.

(3) Apply tomato pulp and massage your skin with it and leave on face for 10 minutes .It will improve complexion if done every day.

(4) Take one tsp tomato pulp +half tsp lemon juice .Mix both juices well and apply on your scars for 15 minutes .Rinse off after 15 minutes with fresh water .It will lighten your scars if done daily for few days.

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