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Skin eats whatever we feed it .Our skin is a waterproof wrapping which does many functions.Our skin have some self cleaning and self lubricating extent .The glands ,which produce oil keep the skin supple and sometimes under produce give us dry skin.This is why we all need a little extra care for our skin.

(1)Do wash your face twice a day with a with a luke warm water or milk according to your skin type .

(2) Always moisturize your skin with essential oil .

(3) Do facial exercise .

(4) Always massage oil on wet skin and not use strong scrubber to avoid stretching .

(5)Do not use chemical make up remover ,use vegetable oil to remove make up.

FOR DRY SKIN--Use sesame oil
FOR SENSITIVE SKIN AND OILY SKIN --Use sunflower oil .Put some drops of oil on cotton ball and wipe gently .

(6)Always massage around eyes in a circulation motion from out side corner of eye to the inside .

(7) Apply fruit mask once in a week according to your skin type.
DRY SKIN --Apply banana mask

SENSITIVE SKIN -Pineapple mask 

OILY SKIN---Apply papaya mask

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