Must try Burfis for Diwali

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Must try Burfis for Diwali

Sharing Happiness, Joy and sweets with our dears and nears is the important aspect of any festival isn't it? Here is the recipe for the delicious Burfis which are easy to make for Diwali..
A temptingly tasty and perfect sweet recipe suitable for any festive season is Besan and Milk Recipe. These ingredients can be used to make different types of desserts like ladoos, burfis and cakes. Here is the recipe of  delicious dessert with heavenly taste...

Seven Cups Cake/Burfi

A simple and delicious sweet very ideal for distributing to friends and neighbours during festivals or any auspicious occasion. When my son said his colleagues asked him to bring home-made sweets after vacation, I made this last week. I added some nuts and dry fruits to make it more delicious and rich. Even the beginners can prepare it without any risk since it involves very simple procedure...


Mouth Melting Coconut Burfi

Coconut Burfi is the Traditional and Popular Sweet made with less ingredients. Since it is quite easy to make we make it often during different Vrat and Festive occasions. Not only on festivals but it is also made as snack for kids. Make this simple delicious coconut fudge and enjoy the mouth melting dessert....

Paneer Burfi

An easy, rich, scrumptious, tempting and delicious sweet for diwali. The paneer burfi melts in your mouth with its soft texture. I didn't use condensed milk for this recipe. I made the milk to condense itself by boiling it for a longer time and then made it to get yummy and delectable taste. Anybody can make this sweet since it involves very simple procedure and can be done quickly...

Sukhdi (Whole Wheat Flour Burfi)

Sukhdi is a soft, crumbling and melt in mouth dessert that can be made in just 15 minutes! Sukhdi is a Traditional and Simple Gujarati Sweet made with just three ingredients basically. We can say it authentically a healthy sweet and dessert since made with wheat flour and jaggery...

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