Kim Kardashian gives Kanye West top marks for sex

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Kim Kardashian gives Kanye West top marks for sex

Kanye west gets high marks for sex with Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian gives husband Kanye 5 star rating for sex

Controversial reality TV star Kim Kardashian has come out with astonishing insight into the private life she shares with husband rapper Kanye West.

It was revealed that Kim Kardashian has given Kanye West a '5 star rating' 
for sex. 

Kanye who recently celebrated his 39th birthday must be elated at the news since the rapper has been known to hype himself regularly on social media.

But we have to take it that Mrs. West wasn't kidding, since she claims that she went ahead to do some research on the astrological compatibility between her and Kanye.

Kim got curious and did a little research on Libras and Geminis and was thrilled to discover that the two signs were a perfect match.

The 35 year old 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' star found out from one website that their zodiac signs made for one of the best matches.

That explains why they've had such an amazing connection from the beginning.

"Libra/Gemini sex gets a 5-star rating because we're so in tune with each other." she said.

"best friend" is what Kim called her husband when wishing him a happy birthday.

This is what the selfie queen said.

"Happy birthday to my best friend! I usually would be scared for us getting older but as each year passes I'm just happy we have more time on this earth together! I love you so much and hope this year brings you so much happiness."

Even her sister Khloe admits that Kim and Kanye were made for each other.

The celebrity couple have had two children together. Last month they also celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Ugly controversy has often reared its head but Kim and Kanye contine to cut a picture of love and contentment in media and on social media.

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